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Earliest 1939-

Ratling Social Club

Open 2016+

Throwley House

Ratling Road


Ratling Club 2005

Above photo, 2005, by Laura Clarke.

Rattling Club Rattling Club

Above photos by Paul Skelton, July 2009.


The Aylesham and District Social Club is known locally as the Rattling Club due to it's location at Rattling.

Has a skittle alley and also plays "Bat and Trap".

Still puts on entertainment every Sunday. Supplied by Shepherd Neame today.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News. 13 January 1939.

Mr, Garbot presided at the week-end concert held at the Rattling Social Club, when excellent variety programmes were provided by "Tony and Talbot" from London.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News. 24 March 1939.


Henry Pendergast steward at the "Rattling Club," Aylesham, was summoned for being the owner of a dangerous dog not under proper control, at Nonington, on February 22nd.

Defendant pleaded not guilty.

Charles Leonard Beer, Church Street Farm, Nonington, said that he was employed by Mr. Balsdon and at 7.15 a.m. on February 22nd, he was attending to his duties at Chapman's Hill, Nonington, when he saw two dogs worry sheep that were with lamb. He chased them away but one, an Alsatian, would not go and he was forced to shoot it. Two sheep died as a result of being worried by the dogs. On the following day he went with P.C. Braid to the Rattling Club where he identified defendant's Labrador retriever as the other dog concerned.

P.C. Braid, Aylesham, said that when interviewing defendant said, I think you are mistaken. That dog never worries sheep and to the best of my knowledge was in the house at 7.15 a.m. yesterday."

Defendant said that the dog never went out of the house before 8 o'clock. There were farms on either side, but the dog never attempted to worry sheep. He had offered to pay the farmer 3 towards the damages and had already paid 1.

Stanley Howard, secretary of Rattling Club, said that he had always found the dog to be quiet.

Another witness, Mr. Goodard, said that he had occasionally taken he dog for a walk around the country, and it had never shown signs of attacking dogs or other animals.

An order was made for the dog to be kept under proper control and defendant was ordered to pay the remaining 2 damages and 19s 6d. costs.


From an email sent 8 August 2016.

Dear Sir.

Good evening. I hope this is of some interest, albeit anecdotal. I am a long-time fan of The Stranglers. Reading the book titled 'A Multitude of Sins' by their lead singer, Hugh Cornwell, I was amazed and impressed with the reference to the 'Rattling's Working Men's Club'.

"One of our regular gigs was Rattling's Working Men's Club in rural Kent, which was a coal-mining community. We would do two sets, which were punctuated by a tombola draw, giving us the opportunity to have a fag and a drink. One evening after our first set, the promoter rushed in, telling us to get straight into the second set as the crowd weren't interested in the tombola. I knew then that we were getting some-where at last......................"

I think the band were called the 'Guildford Stranglers' that time. I hope this is something you can add to the excellent web-site.

Best regards,

Sean Beer.



PENDERGAST Henry 1939+ Dover Express


Dover ExpressFrom the Dover Express


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