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Earliest 1768-

Red Lyon Inn

Latest 1806

High Street



I am not certain whether this is actually referring to the "Red Lion" in Love Lane as the spelling is slightly different and this address is certainly a distance from Love Lane. Further research will tell with any luck, but till then I am saying it is a different premises.

I am now pretty confident that this is the same building as I have information for the "Lion Hotel" in the High Street.

I am informed by Len Parrick that the premises was demolished around 1806 when Guildhall Street was created, it would have stood in the resultant gap in the street frontage. It's mentioned in 'The Story of the English Towns, Canterbury' by Dorothy Gardner: 'It was a fine old inn, standing where Guildhall Street now enters the High Street, the great parlour wainscotted with panelling brought from St. Augustine's Hall, which had been painted originally with scenes of scripture history as though hung up in frames...'

Edward Wilmot in Lost Inns of Canterbury also places the "Lion Hotel" here and suggests it was known as the Old Medical Hall previously (although not necessarily a pub).

From Tina's website Historic Canterbury, Guildhall Street entry: According to Walter Cozens (1906) "When the old Red Lion Inn disappeared from the High Street in 1806, in order to open the new thoroughfare we call Guildhall street, it is very probable that the Medical Hall was built."

Could the Medical Hall (later Lion Hotel) perhaps have been built in order to transfer the Red Lyon's license?


From the Kentish Gazette, Saturday, 11 June to Wednesday 15 June, 1768. Price 2d


At the “Red Lyon Inn,” in High Street, Canterbury, on Tuesday the 21st of June Instant, at Six o'clock in the Evening.

A Very genteel modern-built PHAETON, Crane-neck'd, with a Top to take off and Wings to affix, and a complete Set of HARNESS for a Pair of Horses; the Whole almost new, very little the worse for Wear; late the property of a Gentleman deceased.


From the Kentish Gazette, Wednesday, 29 June to Saturday 2 July, 1768. Price 2d


On Saturday the 30th July next, at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon, at the Sign of the “RED LYON,” in Canterbury.

A Substantial and well-built FREEHOLD MESSAUGE or TENEMENT, Hop-Oasts, Garden, and Premises: Together with sixteen Acres of Land, consisting of Arible, meadow, Pasture, and Hop-Ground, now left upon Lease, which will expire in the year 1769; all which said Messauge, Land and Premises are pleasantly situated near the River Stour, about a Mile from Canterbury; in the Parish of Thanington, in the County of Kent, and now in the Tenure or Occupation of Mess. John Sankey, and ---- Hills, their Assigns or Under-Tenants.

For further Particulars enquire of Mr. MUNK, Attorney, at Canterbury.


From the Kentish Gazette, Wednesday, 1 June to Saturday, 4 June, 1768. Price 2d


The Flying Machine from Margate to London on One Day, sets off from the “Fountain” at Margate inns at the “Red Lyon” Canterbury, and returns early in the Evening. Those who are pleased to favour this Machine may depend on the Business being performed with Care and Dispatch.

By Beale and Co.


From the Kentish Gazette, Saturday, 2 July to Wednesday, 6 July, 1768. Price 2d


On Saturday the 16th of July Inst, at the “Red Lyon,” in the City of Canterbury. One undivided Moiety of Two Freehold Estates, the property of the late Mr. George Pearch of this City. The first of which is a good Farm, pleasantly and conveniently situated in Stone Street, in the parish of Petham, about four Miles South of the City of Canterbury; consisting of a large well-built brick Dwelling house, well supplied with Water, a new-floor's Barn, Stables, Close, Orchards, Hop-garden, Arable and Wood-lands; the whole making about 60 Acres; lett under Lease to the late Mr. Valentine Austin, and now occupied by his Widow, at the Yearly Rent of 25 £. of which 13 Years were expired at Michaelmas last.

The other consists of good Farm-house with a Barn, a small Oast, Orchards, Hop-garden, Pasture and Arable Land; containing in all upwards of 18 Acres; now occupied by Mr. Luke Langford, Tennant at Will, at all old standing Rent of 15 £ 10s, per Annum and is conveniently situated in the Parish of Herne Hill, about 8 miles from Canterbury, 4 from Feversham, and within 2 of the London Road.

Any Person willing to know Particulars, may enquire of Mr. John Le Grand, near West-gate, Canterbury, or of Mr. George Pearch, No. 12. Cheapside, London.


From the Kentish Gazette or Canterbury Chronicle, Wednesday, 21 September to Saturday, 24 September, 1768. Price 2d.


Immediately, or at Michaelmas next, in a gentleman's Family.

A Cook Maid. None need apply but those who understand their Business, and can have a good Character from their last Places. For further Particulars, enquire of Mr. Adams, at the “Red Lyon,” Canterbury, or Mr. Low at the “Post House,” Faversham.


From the Kentish Gazette or Canterbury Chronicle, Saturday, 15 October, to Wednesday, 19 October, 1768. Price 2d.


To the Nobility, Gentlemen, Clergy and Others concerned.

Whereas the Fording the River, Stour at Sturrey, is attended with many Inconveniences, and frequently impracticable, whereby the Communication with the Isle of Thanet is greatly obstructed. There is now under Consideration a Plan for erecting a Bridge over the same.

It is requested, that a Meeting may be held on Wednesday the 2nd of November, at Eleven o'Clock, at the “Red Lyon Inn” Canterbury, to consult on proper Measures for putting the same into Execution.


From the Kentish Gazette or Canterbury Chronicle, Wednesday, 3 May, to Saturday 6 May, 1769. Price 2½d.


This present Saturday, at the “Red Lyon,” in High Street, Canterbury, at half past three in the afternoon.

A neat Timmy Whisky, with Harness complete' a Waggon, and Harness complete; and a Cart, and Harness.


From the Kentish Gazette or Canterbury Chronicle, Wednesday, 3 May, to Saturday 6 May, 1769. Price 2½d.


G. Adams, at the “Red Lyon,” High Street, Canterbury, having ended the Partnership, (as advertised) takes this Opportunity of informing his Friends, that he has furnished himself with a great Number of fresh and fine Horses and complete modern Post-Chaises, with careful sober drivers, to run at One Shilling per mile. Also a complete Landau, and Mourning Hearse and Coach, to any part of England, at a very moderate rate.


From the Kentish Gazette or Canterbury Chronicle, Saturday 20 May to Wednesday 24 May, 1769. Price 2½d.

LOST, the 23rd INSTANT

A Large Black and Tan Coloured Dog, with Cropt Ears, and Long Tail, supposed to be lost near Grove Ferry.

Any person that shall bring the same to the printers of this paper, or to the “Red Lyon,” in Canterbury or to Joshua Farrer, Esq.; at Clieve, in the Isle of Thanet, shall receive half a Guinea Reward.


Kentish Gazette, Friday 6 November 1795.

Red Lion Inn, Canterbury.

Messrs. John May and Hercules Giles inform the public, that they have taken the "Red Lion Inn," High Street, Canterbury, and have laid in a large quantity of wines and spirits of the best quality, and also secured neat and handsome post chaises with strong and able horses, calculated for travelling with expedition.

Messrs. May and Giles are determined to accommodate all those and favour them with their company in the greatest manner. The eligibility of the Inn, from its central situation, has for years induced travellers to give it the preference, and as they will have good beds, good stabling, and reasonable charges, they have no doubt of meeting that support from the public which every one wishes who thrives to please.

Wanted immediately, a good cook, who can come recommended.


Canterbury Journal, Kentish Times and Farmers' Gazette. Saturday 29 April 1843.

C. Trevor, in announcing to his friends and public that he has left the "Lion Hotel," begs to return his thanks for the support he received whilst there, and to recommend to their friendly notice his successor, Mr. R. G. Fox.

The bottled ale and Porter trade will be carried on, as usual, by C. T., at his grocery establishment, 21, High Street.


Robert. G. Fox, having removed from the "Falstaff Inn," St Dunstan, in succeeding Mr. C. Trevor, at the "Lion Hotel," High Street, Canterbury, earnestly solicits the support of the Gentry, his friends, and the public generally, to the above spacious and excellently fitted establishment, which has lately undergone, at a great expense, all repairs necessary to render it's convenient and comfortable, and trusts, by moderate charges, strict attention to the business, and superior articles, to merit a liberal share of their patronage.

The stables and yard, which are also well arranged, have undergone thorough repair, offering good accommodation to livery or bait horses.

R. G. F. at the same time begs to call the attention of his friends to his superior stock of wines and spirits, which he will continue to serve in any quantity, and on the same level terms as heretofore for cash.

N. B. A good ordinary every Saturday at 1:30 o'clock.

From an advertisement. 3 November 1801.

Messrs. Clackett and Giles take the earliest opportunity of informing the public, that they have opened a CANDLE WAREHOUSE in the Crown-yard, nearly opposite the "Red Lion Inn," High Street, where they intend carrying on the above business, both wholesale and retail, and at the same time flatter themselves that their goods will be of the best quality. Those friends who will favour them with their commands will be most gratefully received.

N.B. Country orders executed on the shortest notice.

Orders received at Horn Gile's, High Street.



The building was demolished in 1806 and was situated where Guildhall Street is now.



ADAMS G to 1768

MAY John & GILES Hercules 1795+


If anyone should have any further information, or indeed any pictures or photographs of the above licensed premises, please email:-