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Earliest 1850-

Sportsman's Arms

Latest 1965+

Derringstone Hill


Sportsman's Arms circa 1910

Sportsman Arms, Barham, and licensee "Chick" Hall (1902-1925)

Above photo 25 August 1960, kindly sent by Clive Bowley.

Sportsman 1960

Above photo 25 August 1960, kindly sent by Clive Bowley.

Sportsman 1960

Above photo 25 August 1960, kindly sent by Clive Bowley.

Sportsman 1963

Above photo 5 March 1963, kindly sent by Clive Bowley.

Sportsman's Arms, Barham 2007

Above photo shows the Sportsman's Arms, 2007

Sportsman's Arms window in Barham, 2007

The windows of the Sportsman's Arms, still in place in 2007.

All photographs above by kind permission of

Former Sportsman 2010

Above photo 2010 by David Anstiss Creative Commons Licence.


House served Rigden's Ales throughout its existence.


Kentish Gazette, 24 September 1850.


BY MESSRS. COOPER, On MONDAY, the 7th day of October, 1850.

At the "Sportsman's Arms," Derristone, Barham, at two o'clock in the Afternoon, (subject to such conditions of Sale as shall be then produced), the following Freehold Estates, land-tax redeemed.

7 lots in total.....


Kentish Gazette, Tuesday 19 January 1869.

Barham alarming explosion.

On Friday night last the inhabitants of Durhamstone Hill, were alarmed by a loud explosion which emanating from the "Sportsman's Arms" in the occupation of Mr. Simms. Upon enquiry we found that some maliciously disposed person had put a flask of gunpowder up the chimney, which ignited from the heat of the fire. Luckily there was only one man in the room, who was blown across the room but not much hurt.


From The Dover Express, Friday, June 07, 1907.


Plans of proposed alterations to the "Sportsman's Arms," Barham, were submitted by the licensee, Mr. Charles Hall, and approved.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday, 19 September, 1913. Price 1d.


Mr. C. Hall, of the "Sportsman," Barham, applied for permission to sell in a lodge at Denton, on the occasion of a farm sale.

The application was granted.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday, 21 June, 1935. Price 1d.


The "Sportsman's Arms," Barham, applied for an occasional licence from 8 p.m. until midnight, on the occasion of a dance for the Barham and District Motor Cycle Club. It was granted for 8 p.m. to 10,.30 p.m.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday, 19 February, 1937.

The licence of the "Sportsman," Barham, was granted a temporary licence from 7.30 p.m. to 11 p.m., for the annual dinner and dance of the Barham and District Motor-cycle Club, to be held at Barham on February 24th.


Dover Express 25th June 1909.

Town, Port & Garrison.

The Dover Wheelers had a very novel and exciting run on Wednesday in the form of a paper chase, the hares comprising four speed men under the charge of the sub-captain, starting from headquarters fifteen minutes before the hounds, their destination being unknown. The scent was taken up on Crabble Hill, following to Kearsney station, through the Avenue to Whitfield, Waldershare and Tilmanstone, where a hunt among the hedges was made for paper, owing to the wind drifting it, but it was shortly found to proceed to Eythorne by the narrow lane on to Coldred and Shepherdswell, along the Canterbury road. Turning down to the left, the hares were run to earth at the "Sportsman’s Arms," Barham, twenty minutes after their arrival by the hounds after a very exciting chase. Another novel run will probably take place on Wednesday July 21st. Next Wednesday’s run is to Wingham via Eastry starting from Pencester Road at 6.45, Visitors cordially invited.


Dover Express 16th August 1940.

Wingham Petty Sessions 15th August 1940.

Licence transfers "Sportsman's Arms", Barham from George E. Steven to Charles R. Munday.


From 2014.

My parents had the pub "The Sportsmans Arms".

I was only 5 or 6 years old when we lived there so I don't remember the fine details but I do remember Mrs. Mac at the shop on the corner. I used to spend quite a lot of time with Mr. and Mrs. Doubleday. He was an artist, I think, and he painted a picture of me sitting on his lounge floor with toys around me. My mother (Mrs. Maxie Attoe) wanted to buy it from him but he didn't want to sell it. I've often wondered where it ended up and have dreamed of finding and owning it. Living in Barham was one of the happiest times in my life - it's such a shame that my parents divorced and we all had to move away.

If you remember me, my parents Maxie and George Attoe, my brothers David, Tony and Philip, or my grandmother Alice Wright, I'd be thrilled to hear what you remember of us. I can be reached at

Fingers crossed x


From an email received 9 April 2004

Hi Paul - I can't be exact with dates as I was only little at the time we lived there. I must have been about 4yrs old (1963) when we moved in and we moved out spring, 1965.

My parents' names were George and Maxie Attoe. The reason we left the pub was because my parents split up - not a happy time.

Hope this helps you in some small way. Good luck.


Glynis x



PILCHER Thomas 1861+ (also Carpenter age 23 in 1861Census)

SIMS George 1869-93 (age 46 in 1881Census) Post Office Directory 1882Post Office Directory 1891

SIMS Elizabeth 1893-1902 (widow age 57 in 1901Census) Kelly's 1899

SIMS Elizabeth (daughter) 1902 unlicensed

HALL Francis Charles William 1902-Apr/1923 Kelly's 1903Post Office Directory 1913Dover Express

BARRY William John Apr/1923-Jan/29 Dover Express

WILES Charles Stephen Jan/1929-Jan/1936 Dover Express

TAPP Mr W E Jan/1936-May/38 Dover Express

STEPHENS George E May/1938-Aug/40 Dover Express

MUNDAY Charles R Aug/1939-54+ Dover Express

ATTOE George & Maxie 1963-65

O'GRADY Harry ???? pre 2007 Next pub licensee had

???? Geoff & Sarah


Post Office Directory 1882From the Post Office Directory 1882

Post Office Directory 1891From the Post Office Directory 1891

Kelly's 1899From the Kelly's Directory 1899

Kelly's 1903From the Kelly's Directory 1903

Post Office Directory 1913From the Post Office Directory 1913

Dover ExpressFrom the Dover Express



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