Drinking in Deal


Andrew Sargent, Drinking in Deal: Beer, Pubs and Temperance in an East Kent Town 1830 - 1914 (BooksEast, 2016) Hardback 25 (ISBN 978 1 908 304223) and softback 20 (978 1 908 304209). 288 pages, over 80 photographs and 5 maps.

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"...a well researched, thoroughly annotated but far from dry exploration of the factors and decisions which determined pub life in this east Kent seaside town... it illustrates the evolution of the Victorian and Edwardian attitude to drink not only in this country but worldwide... Best enjoyed by the serious student of the history of beer in Kent, with a pint of best bitter to hand; a Kent bitter of course" (Journal of Kent History)


"beyond the enjoyable quirky stuff, this indexed, 288-page book is a scholarly work with detours into Deal's history and municipal and magistracy affairs, placing developments in their regional and national contexts" (Bygone Kent)


"when you read this book you get more than just a history of Drinking in Deal...it is a comprehensive account of the development of the town, the expansion of it commerce and the interplay of its people and their moral views...I would recommend this book to anyone wishing to learn more of this town on the very edge of the British Isles." (Journal of Brewery History)