It is with great sadness that I am writing this regarding my horse of 31 years service, to inform you that he sadly passed away on Sunday 22nd March 2015. He was 37, or in human years that would have made him just over 102.

Sundance and Paul Skelton

Above photo taken about 2010.

The photo below, shows him and me at a beer festival held at the "Royal Oak" in Capel-le-Ferne some years ago. We took about an hour to reach the pub, stayed there a couple of hours and then Sundance got a bit restless and insisted on taking me home. Boy oh boy, did he travel some speed along the old Folkestone Road.

Sundance and Paul Skelton

Many years ago I had a dream, it was from God.

He said that he was prepared to lend me his horse, he said that this was a special horse.

I was told that he wouldn't kick and wouldn't bite and that if I looked after him well he would look after me.

He also said that I wouldn't need to tie him up as he would stay where I put him till we were ready to move on. He said he would understand my commands and needs and that I would be able to understand him. We would have a partnership and understanding not often known between horse and human.

However, he said, he wasn't mine to keep, he was only on loan and that one day he would take him back again when the time was right.

I guess that day came on Sunday 22nd March 2015.

Sundance was 37 years of age and had been with me for 31 of them.

Good bye old friend, hope to see you again one day.


Paul Skelton.