Ten Bells

Never opened

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19-21 Cannon Street

Eight Bells

The Ten Bells

Dover's new town centre pub, due to open on April 9 1997, is to be called The Ten Bells. National pub operator Wetherspoon, which has 165 pubs, is investing 650,000 to open The Ten Bells in disused shop premises in Cannon Street opposite St Mary's Church.

The Ten Bells will have a complete ban on all music and pool tables and approximately one third of the customer area of 2,800 square feet will be designated non-smoking. It will serve six cask-conditioned beers at all times, including those from smaller breweries throughout the country. The pub will offer a full menu from 11am to 10pm (Monday to Saturday) and 12 noon to 9.30pm on Sunday. The Ten Bells will be open all permitted hours, including all day Sunday.

It will have wheelchair access and a specially adapted toilet for the disabled. Throughout the pub there will be numerous pictures, photos and text relating to the history and people of the area. Wetherspoon chairman Tim Martin said "We're certain people in Dover will be pleased to see the buildings in use once again." "We believe the pub will appeal to people of all ages, who enjoy a drink or a meal in quiet and comfortable surroundings, and believe it will be an asset to the area."


The pub never was called The "Ten Bells" in the end, but is now serving beer under the more apt name of the "Eight Bells". The reason for change from the original suggested title being as St Mary's Church opposite has Eight Bells within it's tower.

The original "Eight Bells" common lodging house and public house was situated just around the corner in New Street.



Opened as the "Eight Bells".


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