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Earliest 1987

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Tiffanys Wine Bar

Latest 1991

Sandgate Road


Tiffanys Wine Bar

Above showing former Tiffanys Wine Bar.


Previously known as "Fifth Avenue Bar."


Folkestone Herald 11 November 1988.

Local News.

A new nightclub is lined up for Folkestone but not everyone is pleased. Planning permission has been given for rooms underneath Tiffanys wine bar in Sandgate Road to be turned into a disco.

The owner of Tiffanys, is not happy with the idea “I already have a wine bar and a disco upstairs, I don’t want to be disturbed by the noise of a new club in my basement. They can only open until midnight under the terms of their planning permission, so it isn’t too bad, but I have to shut at 11p.m.”

The new club, which will be called The Basement, still has to be given permission to sell alcohol by Folkestone magistrates.


Folkestone Herald 3 March 1989.

Local News.

Plans for a disco on the Sandgate Road in Folkestone have been rejected. Mr. Arist Aristocleus wanted to open a nightclub in a basement underneath Tiffany's wine bar, but Planning and Devlopment committee members threw out the scheme on Tuesday. Councillors felt opening until two in the morning was too late in an area of high residential density. But councillor Anthony Deighton said “The majority of people who go to these discos are law abiding citizens who cause no trouble. We have got to look to the youngsters of this town and of Shepway”. The nightclub, which is not connected with Tiffanys, would have had access at the back of the building, an area with many residential flats.

Neighbours of the proposed club had complained of possible increases in noise and disturbance, an increase in traffic and a possible reduction in property value.


Folkestone Herald 7 September 1990.

Local News.

Police advised a wine bar to take down a window poster encouraging drinkers to guzzle six bottle of Pils lager between 9 p.m. and closing time.

Officers told staff at Tiffany's Wine Bar, in Sandgate Road, Folkestone, it was not a good thing to advertise drinking large amounts of alcohol in a short time. Chief Superintendent Keith Shipman said “If licensees are irresponsible enough to run this type of promotion they will place their licences at risk”.

The poster was part of a promotion got the strong German lager.

The curate of Folkestone's Parish Church, Colin Laxon, attacked the sign. “It's blatant irresponsibility”, he said. “If people who sell alcohol are unable to exercise a degree of responsibility, how can we expect youngsters to do so?”

The manageress of Tiffany's, who would not give her name, brushed aside his criticisms. “I've never heard anything so ridiculous in all my life”, she said. “I thought I would just encourage more people to come and see a group play in the wine bar. I wouldn't push the drink down their necks – I just sell the beer”.



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