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Earliest 1876

Victoria Hotel

Latest 2000

1 Marine Terrace


Victoria Hotel

Above postcard, date unknown, kindly sent by Mark Jennings.

Victoria 1909

Above photo, circa 1909, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Victoria Hotel, 1912

Above photo shows the "Victoria Hotel" 1912.

Victoria Hotel, 1927

Victoria Hotel, 1927.

Former Victoria Hotel 2018

Above photo, August 2018, kindly taken and sent by Terry Begent.


This "Victoria Hotel" is not to be confused for the other "Victoria Hotel" situated at 25 Middleburg Street, also known as Bouverie Road East. That hotel previously being called the "Bouverie Hotel."

The building is actually at the left end of a block of buildings that form the crescent. However, Terry Begent, has kindly sent me an old postcard image showing the name "Victoria Hotel" at the right hand end as well. This image would suggest that the hotel was the entire block, but he believes the buildings between were private residence and that perhaps this was just advertising that the hotel was attached to this block.


Marine Crescent

Above postcard, date unknown.


London Gazette Adjudications, 1 June 1955.

PUDNEY, Alice Margaret, Wife of George Henry Pudney (in the Receiving Order described as A. Pudney (Married Woman)), The Victoria Hotel, 14, Marine Crescent, Folkestone, in the county of Kent, PRIVATE HOTEL PROPRIETRESS. Court—CANTERBURY. No. of Matter—5 of 19547 (Date of Order—May 24, 1954. (Date of Filing Petition—March 25, 1954.


PUDNEY, George Henry, residing at The Victoria Hotel, Marine Crescent, Folkestone, in the county of Kent, and formerly carrying on business at "Poyle Croft," Epsom Road, Guildford, in the county of Surrey, as a GUEST HOUSE PROPRIETOR, but now of no occupation, described in the Receiving Order as G. H. Pudney (Male), 14a, Bouverie Square, and The Victoria Hotel, Marine Crescent, both at Folkestone, in the said county of Kent. Hotel Proprietor. Court— CANTERBURY. No. of Matter— 32 of 1953. Trustee’s Name, Address and Description— Lander, Arthur Malcolm, 1, The Parade, Canterbury, Official Receiver. Date of Release— Dec. 5, 1955.



PUDNEY Alice Margaret 1954+


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