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Bridge Tavern

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4 Fair Meadow

Water Side


Bridge Tavern

Above postcard, date unknown, showing the "Bridge" directly under the Normand Garage sign.


I also have reference to a "New Bridge Tavern," but unfortunately without an address at present, so don't know the connection, or indeed whether it is the same as this one.


Maidstone Journal and Kentish Advertiser, Monday 15 May 1865.

Complaint against a workhouse master.

Mr. Levy inquired of superintendent Radley whether the master (Mr. Baker) of the North Aylesford Union, had not, after a preemptory order from the Mayor, refused the admission of a child which had strayed away from his home? Superintendent Radley explain the circumstances under which the child was found, and the reason for sending it to the Union. It was refused admission, and he was compelled to obtain lodgings for it at Mrs. Soman's at the Bridge Tavern. Mr. R. Prall said Mr. Baker had been to him and expressed his regret that he should have defied the authority of the Mayor, but stated that he had no authority at the time to admit the child. The explanation offered seemed unsatisfactory to Mr. Levy, who stated his intention of bringing the matter be for the Poor Law Board for their consideration. He requested the superintendent to write to Mr. Baker, and desire him to attend before the magistrates on Tuesday next, or else other steps will be taken in the matter.


Dover Express 03 September 1869.

At Aylesford, on Friday evening, a little boy named Thomas Quaif, eight years old, son on the landlord of the "Chequers Inn," was playing on his father's premises and not having been missed, much consternation was caused on his body being found embedded in the mire of the river behind the inn. How he had got into the river is not known. The father of the deceased was recently landlord of the "Bridge Tavern," Maidstone.



FREEBORN Charles 1858-62+

SOMAN Mrs 1865+

FREE BORN Charles 1867 Post Office Directory 1867

ANDERSON Joseph 1867+

QUAIF Mr Next pub licensee had pre 1869 Dover Express

HIGGINS Henry 1874+

BOWES William 1881-82+ (age 59 in 1881Census)

CULLEN Henry 1891+

SWAIN John J 1901-03+ (age 76 in 1901Census)

HAMMOND George 1911-30+ (age 45 in 1911Census)

NICHOLS Joseph 1938+


Dover ExpressFrom the Dover Express


Post Office Directory 1867From the Post Office Directory 1867


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