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Royal Oak

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Park Road/Salts Lane

Herne Bay

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In 1869-70 the pub was part of a consortium who were advertising their goods of selling tea in response to grocers' selling beer and wine. (Click for further details.)


From the Kentish Chronicle and General Advertiser, 11 January, 1862. Price 1 1/2d.


Elizabeth Holness, keeper of the “Royal Oak” beerhouse, Herne, was charged with having her house open for the sale of beer, at 20 minutes past 12, on the morning of Christmas-day, when it ought to have been closed at 11 o’clock.

P.C. Beeching, K C C deposed that on the 24thDecember he visited the house at 20 minutes past twelve o’clock, and saw several persons sitting in the front room, one man with a glass of beer in his hand, which he drank in witness’s presence. He told the defend that he must report the house, having condoned her before that. He had received complaints of her house being open late, on Saturday nights in particular.

The defendant:— I was waiting for my family, and they kept me up till then. They had been to a party in Herne-street.

Witness:— The defendant’s daughters had their things on, as if they had just returned to the house. There were three females present besides the men.

Defendant:- Two of them were my sons, and the three others came with them from the party in Herne-street.

They did not have anything to drink; they merely walked home with my daughters. I closed my house and cleared the company out at eleven o’clock as I always do.

Captain Starke (one of the justices) said complaints had been made to him against the defendant’s house, and that parties had been suspected of coming from there, who had cut down the town’s trees, and created a disturbance. He cautioned the defendant as to the future conduct of her house.


From the Kentish Chronicle, 16 July, 1864.


A number of cases of short weights and measures and defective scales were reported to the Court by Mr. Mount, inspector of weights and measures for the Home Division. After hearing the circumstances the magistrates convicted and imposed fines as follows:—

Elizabeth Holness, landlady of the “Royal Oak” public house, Herne Bay, for three deficient measures, purporting to be pints, fined £1 and 8s. costs.


From the Kentish Chronicle, 5 March, 1864.


A man named Michael Langford was committed for trial at the Sessions for stealing a live tame fowl, the property of Elizabeth Holness, of the “Royal Oak” public house, Herne Bay. On Saturday night the son of the prosecutrix caught the prisoner in the fowl house, having then killed one of the fowls. A policeman was called in and he was given into custody.


From the Whitstable Times, 14 June, 1902.


John Jones was charged with stealing an oilskin valued at 15s. the property of Benjamin Bedoe on the 9th June at Herne Bay.

Prosecutor stated that he lived at 2, Chapel Street, Herne Bay, and was a carman in the employ of Messrs. Moss and Barber. He identified the coat produced as his property. He left the coat in the harness room at the stables in Market Street, Herne Bay. On the 9th he saw prisoner with the coat outside the “Royal Oak,” Herne Bay.

Walter Wraight, greengrocer, of Whitstable, stated that he sought the coat from prisoner for 2s. 6d.

P.C. Harris, stationed at Herne Bay, deposed that he went to King Street where he saw prisoner. He asked prisoner if he had sold a coat. He said “Yes.” Witness asked him how much he got for it and prisoner replied 6s. Witness then asked him where he got the coat from and prisoner said he sought it off a gentlemanly looking man wearing plaid trousers near the Pier the previous night. He said he gave him 2s. for it. Witness took prisoner to the police station and charged him. Prisoner replied “I bought the coat and sold it to a greengrocer man for 2s. 6d.” Prisoner pleaded guilty.

Sergeant Baker said the prisoner was a stranger to the district.

The Bench sentenced prisoner to one months' imprisonment with hard labour.


From the Whitstable Times, 30 August, 1902.


William Griffiths and Edward Mount were summoned for being drunk and refusing to quit the “Royal Oak,” Herne Bay, when requested to do so on August 12th.

Defendants pleaded guilty.

James Stupples, landlord of the “Royal Oak,” Herne Bay, stated that on the day in question the defendants who were the worse for drink came into his house and asked to be served. He refused them and asked them to leave, but they would not. They made a noise. As they would not go he fetched a policeman who turned them out.

The Bench fined defendants 10s. each and costs 9s.



HOLNESS William 1847-60+

HOLNESS Elizabeth 1861-64+ (widow age 47 in 1861Census)

WATSON Edward 1881-91+ (age 38 in 1881Census)

STEGGLES James 1902-03+

STEGGLES Walter 1913-17+

STEGGLES James 1922+

PRESTON William Edwards 1930+

CORBIN Edith Mary Mrs 1938+



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