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Notes of 1869


Maidstone Journal and Kentish Advertiser - multiple dates May 1869-January 1870.



Chief Office & Warehouses—SOUTHWARK STREET, E.C.

City Offices—3, MINCING LANE, and 38, FENCHURCH STREET, E.C.

Paris Depot —RUE MONT THABOR, No. 6.






To whom all Post Office Orders. Cheques, and Bills are to be made payable.


THE LICENSED VICTUALLERS TEA ASSOCIATION, founded in 1867. and owing its origin to the irregular competition of the grocers in the sale of wine, is now supplying through the following appointed AGENTS IN THIS COUNTY, its unequalled Teas in sealed packets of 1lb., Żlb., ╝lb., and 2oz. ; each packet having the price, trade mark, name and addresses of the ASSOCIATION, without which none is genuine.

The trade mark is registered according to law; to copy or imitate which is forgery.

Licensed Victuallers and Wine Merchants only are eligible as Agents to the Association.

A Sample Parcel of Eight Pounds forwarded carriage free on receipt of Post Office Order.

All communications to made direct, the services of Travellers having been discontinued.

The Teas are very strong and wholesome, are guaranteed pure and of uniform quality, and arc used and approved by all classes.

Taeping ... Finest Black Tea ... 2s, 6d.

Taeping ... Finest Mixed Tea ... 3s. 0d.

Taeping ... Finest Green Tea ... 3s. 6d.

Caravan ... An Exquisite Tea ... 3s. 6d.


Kent.— H. Allen, "Blacksmiths' Arms," Marine Town, Sheerness;

H. Austin, "Albion," Palace street, Canterbury;

W. Barton, "Queen’s Head," Wateringbury;

J. Barrett, "George and Dragon," Speldhurst, Tunbridge Wells;

J. Bellamy, "Windmill Inn," Sevenoaks;

W. Bacon, the "Ship," Conyer, near Sittingboume;

J. E. Betts, the "Woodman," Lee;

Miss H. Birch, "Clarendon Inn," Sandgate;

W. Bourne, "South-Eastern Tavern," South Ashford;

J. Briggs, "Marquis of Granby," Northfleet;

C. Burr, "King's Head," Hadlow;

R. S. Cardwell, "Bridge Tavern," Strood;

E. Charcy, "Star Tavern," Cattle Market, Canterbury;

M. Cloke, "Coach and Horses," Lyminge, Hythe;

G. Cobb, "Swan Inn," Ashford;

J. Coppen, "King of Prussia," Old Brompton;

J. B. Winney, "Bell," Crayford;

C. P. Covington, "Bear and Staff," Crayford;

T. J. Crockford, wine merchant, Cobham; ("Cobham Inn")

H. Dale, "Oak Hill Tavern," Beckenham;

P. Deller, "Duchess of Wellington," Woolwich;

T. Double, "Crown," Edenbridge;

W. Dorrington, Royal Hill, Greenwich; ("Richard I")

S. Dunn, "Freemasons’ Tavern," Ramsgate;

S. Earle, "Marine Hotel," Rose Hill, West Cliff, Ramsgate;

C. Edwards, "Bull and George Inn," Dartford;

G. Edington, "Standard," Blackheath;

H. E. Fisher, "Coach and Horses," Greenwich;

A. H. Foster, "Saracen's Head," Ashford;

H. Floyd, "Mid Kent Tavern," Lewisham;

M. Fright, "Three Tuns Tavern," Faversham;

J. Gardner, "Waterloo Inn," Minster, Sheppey;

J, Girdler, "Prince of Wales," Minster, Sheppey;

K. Gorham, "Railway Hotel," Sittingbourne; (possibly "Fountain")

J. Goble, "Castle Inn," Ashford;

F. Green, "Gun Inn," Horsmonden;

Miss Hambrook, "Lord Northbrook," Burnt Ash Lane, Lee;

J. Havard, the "Ship," Sheerness;

H. Hall, "Bull and Butcher," Castle-street, Famham; ???

M. Harris, "Mitre," Blackwall-lane, Greenwich;

E. Hammond, "Star and Garter," Woolwich;

C. Hart, "Half Moon Inn," Woolwich;

T. Hawkett, wine merchant, Town Mailing; ????

C. Hillyer, "Castle Bonny Cravat," Woodchurch, Ashford;

W. Holness, "Royal Oak Inn," Herne Bay;

G. Hogden, "Rose lnn," Sandgate;

J. James, Folkestone road, Priory-station, Dover;

H. E. Langham, "Waterman’s Arms," Woolwich;

Miss Lane, Old Ash-lane, Famham; ????

C. Lewis, Town Mailing;

B. Llowarch, "Sportsman," Sturry;

W. H. Luck, "Nevill’s Arms," Tunbridge Wells;

J. Millett, Abbey Wood;

J. Miles, "Two Brewers," Dartford;

J. Mitchell, "Lord Nelson," Broadstairs;

T. March, "Prince Albert," Whitstable;

J. Ottaway, "Divers Arms," Town Parade, Herne Bay;

T. Ovenden, "Tiger’s Head," Lee;

W. Ovenden, "Three Tuns," Blackheath;

A. Woodgate, "Bat and Ball," Old Dover-road, Canterbury;

F. C. Wyborn, Bower-lane, Maidstone; ("Bower Inn")

J. T. Payne, Reading-street, Tenterden; ("White Hart and Lamb")

J. Page, "Windsor Castle," Canterbury;

C. Paine, "Wellington Hotel," Dover;

T. Brockman, "Park lnn," Dover;

A. G. Porter, The "Dane," Watling-street, Canterbury;

W. Reed, "Crown and Cushion," Market-hill, Woolwich;

J. Reeves, "Locomotive Inn," Ashford;

T. Ralph, "Greyhound Inn," Sevenoaks;

W. Roper, "White Hart Inn," Newington, Sittingbourne;

E. Rose, "Royal Oak," Ashford;

E. Scholey, The "Foresters," Bromley;

G. Sewell, "Chequers Inn," Sevenoaks;

S. E. Sharman, Ide Hill, Sevenoaks; ("Fox and Hounds")

E. Sherrard, "Carpenters’ Arms," Frank-road, Tunbridge Wells; (possibly "White Bear")

C. Swift, "White Hart," Erith;

J. Tilley, Court Hill-road, Lewisham; ("Sir David Brewster")

W. W. Thunder, "Lord Clyde," Woolwich;

J. C. Tiley, "Swan," High-street, Lee;

H. Trimble, "Pier Tavern," High-street, Woolwich;

J. Taylor, "Bridge House Inn," Tyler-hill, near Canterbury;

H. Tranah, "Bull’s Head," Strood;

E. Trew, "Bull Inn," Brasted;

E. Vincer, "Vauxhall Tavern," Canterbury;

J. Whatman, Windlesham, near Sunningdale; ????

W. Wonnacott, "Fort Tavern," Woolwich;

H. E. Wren, "Duke’s Head," Bromley;

G. Ward, "Royal Norfolk Hotel," Sandgate;

W. Watt, "Pier Hotel," Greenhithe;

J. Webb, "Duke's Head," Petham, near Canterbury;

A. White, Northgate-street, Canterbury; ????

J. Williams, "Druid’s Head," Dover;

W. Wise, "Prince of Wales," Montpelier-road, Blackheath;

C. Lightfoot, "Fleur de Lis," Sittingbourne.

Maidstone:- Kent.

Principal Agent and Depot 2, High-street, Maidstone, John Spooner, Manager;

J. Gibson, "Admiral Gordon," Tonbridge-road;

C. Bonner, "Union Flag," Union-street;

J. C. Clark, "Spread Eagle," Brewer street;

C. Medgley, Chart Sutton; ("Buffalos Head")

W. Taylor, Hollingbourne; ????

W. Woolhouse, "Windmill Inn," ditto;

W. Milton, "Three Cricketers," Mote-road;

B. Barnes, "Brewer’s Arms," Sandling-road;

A. M. Kemsley, "Dragoon," Sandling-road;

W. E. Millen, 21 Scott-street; ????

J. Hedges, 22 Union-street; ????

W. Barton, "Queen’s Head," Wateringbury;

H. Tong, Warm Lake, Sutton. ????


Principal Agent and Depot, J. Smith, "New Inn;"

J. Upton, "Six Bells," Percy-street; ????

W. Brown, "Wellington Arms," Wellington-street;

T. Yonwin, "Phœnix Tavern," Albion Terrace;

J. Middleton, "Queen’s Head," Wakefield-street;

T. Smith, "King’s Head," King-street;

J Rod, "British Tar," Milton road;

W. Waddell, "Windmill Tavern;"

T. Calvin, "Man of Kent," Wrotham-road;

P. Robinson, "Victory," Clarence-street;

W. Tutton, "Hero of Kent,"

F. Gardner, "Mitre Hotel;"

E. W. Hayes, Terrace-street. ????


J. Burford, "Gibraltar Inn," Chatham;

J. Hawley, "Dartmouth Arms," ditto;

J. Kemp "Sir Colin Campbell," ditto;

G. King, "Swan Inn," Old Brompton;

G. Moss, "Golden Lion," Military road, Chatham;

J. Piper, "Bull's Head," High-street, ditto;

T. Platts, "Army and Navy," River-row, ditto;

J. T. Taylor, "United Service," ditto;

G. Andrews, Old Brompton, ditto; ("Sun in the Woods.")

G. Blackman, "Five Bells," Hoo;

R. Brown, "Two Brewers," High-street, Rochester;

J. Goble, "Queen Charlotte," ditto;

J. Missing, ditto; ????

J. W. Richman, "Sir John Falstaff," ditto.


From the Dover Express, 22 October, 1869.


At the St. Augustine's petty sessions on Saturday last, a fisherman named Frederick Surflen was charged with violently assaulting Mr. James Shearing, landlord of a public house at Herne Bay, on the 8th instant. It appeared that the defendant and a number of his companions were drinking at complainant's house, and that one of them,— it was not quite clear whether the defendant or another man named Rose,— took from the table part of a loaf of bread, and that, after some scuffling and "larking" among them they went out of the house, the bread disappearing with them. They were then followed by the complainant, who, taking defendant by his guernsey, under which he fancied the loaf was concealed, and asked him to give it up. Defendant denied that he had the loaf, and, with an oath, struck complainant in the face and knocked him down. Complainant's daughter then ran out of the house to see what was the matter, and defendant, with another oath, told her to "take that" and knocked her down also. She was picked up by some bystanders and carried in doors in an insensible condition.

Miss Shearing corroborated her father's statement, which was also supported by the evidence of Henry Thornington and William Abbott and others. For the defence it was alleged that the bread was merely taken for a "lark," and the assault upon both father and daughter was flatly denied, a number of sympathising fishermen witnesses being called in support of both excuse and denial.

The magistrates, however, considered that a most shameful assault had been committed, and fined defendant and 6s. and 17s. costs, or, fourteen days' imprisonment.

Defendant was next charged with assaulting Rachel Shearing, daughter of complainant in the previous ease, and, after similar evidence had been offered in support of the charge, the Bench ordered defendant to be imprisoned for fourteen days with hard labour, without the alternative of a fine.

As yet I do not know the name of this pub. Paul Skelton.

Maidstone Telegraph 11 September 1869.


On Thursday, the county magistrates sat for the purpose of granting licenses to beer-houses.

There were present the Earl of Darnley, Rev. J. J. Mafsham, T. H. Baker, Esq., Rev. A. Smith-Masters, and Col. Bingham, C. B. All the applications were granted with the exception of the following:-

New application for a house called the "Fox," in Fox-street, New Brompton, to be licensed; to "White Horse," Stoke, and to James Keble applications to be licensed to sell on the premises.

The following applications for renewals were refused:- "East End Wonder," High-street, Chatham; "Black Robin," Wouldham; "Fortune of War," Upper-wood-street, Old Brompton; "Victory," Middle-street, Brompton; "Old Tally Ho," High-street, Chatham. A number of persons who had been convicted for offences against the tenor of their licenses were cautioned by the Bench, and in most eases the licenses granted.


From the Dover Express, 17 September 1869.

At the Adjourned Licensing Meeting of the Wingham Division, held at Dover yesterday, applications for new spirit licenses were made by Thomas Tritton, West Langdon. C. P. Halladay, "Pear Tree" River, and Charles Golder, "Hope," Lydden; but were all refused.


From the Maidstone and Kentish Journal, 6 Sept, 1869.

St Augustine's Petty sessions.

Beer house licences.

Saturday was the annual licensing day, and they were on the Bench; G. Neame, P. Marten, G. T. Tomlin, T. G. Peckham, and R. E. Thompson , Esq., The whole of the applications, 103, for ale house licences were granted, those cases in which the applicant did not attend being adjourned to the 25th instant.

There were about 50 applications under the new act for certificates to enable the parties to obtain their licences from the Excise. The Clerk said that before granting a licence the magistrates must be satisfied that the house is probably rated, and that the applicant processes a good character. The only applicant objected to was William Newport, of Bridge, who was opposed by Mr. Fielding, on the grounds that he was not a legal occupier as the act required, but was a mere agent acting for a man name Pegden, who was then undergoing a term of imprisonment.

(This may refer to the "Chequers Inn" of Petham. Paul Skelton.)

Applicant did not deny this, but the Clerk submitted that it did not affect in any way the applicant himself.

Mr. Fielding:- This man is only carrying on the business until Mr. Pegden comes out of gaol.

The Clock:- The magistrates won't grant Pegden a licence. It would be illegal for them to do so. Therefore I cannot see what objections there can be.

Mr. Fielding:- He is not legal occupier.

The Clerk:- But I think he is. He is writing in respect of this house.

Mr. Fielding:- I must ask him then to produce evidence as to character.

The Clerk:- The Bench cannot be in doubt as to that until you make a distinct charge against him, and then it is for him to rebut it.
Mr. Fielding:- The old act provided that evidence of character should be produced before the excise, and that it is incorporated in the measure.

The Clerk:- That is almost a proof that the man has got a good character because he has had to produce a certificate before the exercise when he had his previous licence.

After some further argument the certificate applied for was granted.