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Earliest 1766-

Old Tigers Head

Open 2019+

351 High Road


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Old Tiger's Head

Above photo, date unknown.

Old Tiger's Head

Above photo, date unknown.

Old Tiger's Head 2008

Above photo, 2008.

Old Tiger's head 2015

Above Google image, June 2015.

Old Tiger's Head 2018

Above photo, 2018.


In 1869-70 the pub was part of a consortium who were advertising their goods of selling tea in response to grocers' selling beer and wine. (Click for further details.)


It is thought that the original "Old Tiger’s Head" was built on the site that currently occupied by the "New Tiger’s Head." The original pub is thought to have been built before 1730. It was rebuilt on its present site, the north-west quadrant, in 1750-1770 and then rebuilt (in its third incarnation) in 1896 - the date carried on its frontage and it becomes an important mail and coaching inn.

In the early 19th Century boxing matches take place at the "Old Tiger’s Head." Horse racing and (human) foot racing take place in the 1840s but the police put a stop to these events, probably under pressure from respectable local citizens.

In the south-west quadrant the "Prince Arthur" pub is built at 422 Lee High Road in 1870 (closed 2005) It was originally one of a row of early 19C cottages of which three - nos 424-428 - survive behind modern shop fronts.

In 1898 No 345 Lee High Road is built in front of former "Old Tiger’s Head" stables.


Bell's Life in London and Sporting Chronicle, Sunday 7 February 1841.

Gazley, we are informed, won his mach of 17 miles in two hours, on Monday last, at the "Tiger's Head," Lee. Gazley wishes to inform Cook, of Greenwich, that he is prepared to make a match to run six miles for 10 or 25. The money will be ready at Mr. Plummer's, the "Horse and Groom," Blackheath Hill, on Wednesday next.


From a book written in 1882:

The present Tiger's Head inn (in 1882) was built by one Roger Roberts, on a lease of ninety years, from 1766, granted by Lord Sondes.

The Tiger's Head, was the first stage out of London and was a favourite resort and house of call.

The pub was famous for its bowling green, and for providing entertainment for companies from London, after the cricket matches on the green.

The large open space in front of the Tiger’s Head was often the scene of processions and meetings and in the early part of the present century (19th), a great deal of drinking and licentiousness was carried on at the various roadside inns near London, especially if there were any open spaces nearby.

Horse races were also held at the rear of the Tigers Head and attended by many of the lower classes from London. There were many accidents at these races, to both to man and horse. One year a Greenwich pensioner was killed on the course, near the grand stand, at the back of the Tiger's Head garden, and this event put an end to them being again held there.


From between 10 August 2015 and 17 December 2018, part of the premises operated under the name of "McLoughlin's Bar," having an Irish theme and its own entrance in Lee Road.



SEARS Thomas 1840+

HAMMOND William 1852+

MORTON Caroline Mrs 1855-58+

OVENDEN Thomas Aug/1866-74+

PORTER Walter 1881+ (age 27 in 1881Census)


HAYES William 1891+

DEDMAN William Dedman 1891+ (also wine & spirit merchant age 49 in 1891Census)

HASSALL Robert 1896+

FROST George 1901+

CARPENTER George 1905+

HIRST J F to Sept/1906 Kentish Independent

GLANZER Henry August Sept/1906-19+ Kentish Independent

COLLINS William C 1944+



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