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Earliest 1773-

Ship Hotel

Latest ????

4 West Street

Blue Town



I believe this pub has been operating prior to 1773 as I have seen reference to the pub called by that name when an auction was taking place in September 1773 and catalogues could be obtained from this premises.

In 1869-70 the pub was part of a consortium who were advertising their goods of selling tea in response to grocers' selling beer and wine. (Click for further details.)


From the Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald, 12 May 1900. Price 1d.


On Saturday evening Mr. W. J. Harris, District Coroner, held an inquiry at the "Ship Hotel," Sheerness, relative to the death of a man named Allred West, a blacksmith's mate in the Royal Navy, who was drowned in Sheerness Harbour on December 30th last year, whilst assisting to moor H.M.S Diadem upon her return home from sea. The body was in a very advanced state of decomposition, but identification was clearly established by the marks "A. West," on the deceased's guernsey. Deceased's hands were missing, and all the flesh was gone from his legs. The deceased was a native of Bunker's Hill, Buckland, a village near Dover, and one sad fact connected with his death is that he was shortly to have been married. The evidence showed that the body was seen floating in the river on Friday afternoon, and was towed to the mortuary by the Royal Artillery Garrison boat John Filtness, a signalman on board H.M.S. Pembroke, deposed that on December the 30th he was on duty on board H.M.S. Diedem when she came into Sheerness Harbour. The deceased, Allred West, was told off with three others to secure the Diadem to No. 7 buoy in Sheerness Harbour. The wire hawser was carried away, and the buoy tilted causing the four men to fall into the water. Deceased could not swim and was drowned, but the other three were saved. One of them dived down for and found deceased, but he was unable to bring him to the surface; in fact, it was only with great difficulty that be saved himself. The Coroner said it was a most commendable act, and he was sorry the man was at sea in the Diadem, or he and the jury would have eulogised him for his bravery. The jury returned a verdict of “Accidentally drowned." The remains of the deceased were buried in the Isle of Sheppey Cemetery on Monday afternoon with full naval honours.




POLLINGTON John 1824-28+ Pigot's Directory 1828-29

GEDDES John 1832-39+ Pigot's Directory 1832-34

LONG Samuel 1840+

BIGG Richard 1847+

HAVARD James 1855-74 (also Agent to Woolwich & Medway Steamboat Company in 1855 age 43 in 1861)

ROBERTS Henry 1881-82+ (age 49 in 1881Census)

ROBERTS Elizabeth Mrs 1891+

HUMPHREY Henry J 1891-1913+ (age 28 in 1891Census)

HUTLEY Harold 1930+ Kelly's 1830


Pigot's Directory 1828-29From the Pigot's Directory 1828-29

Pigot's Directory 1832-34From the Pigot's Directory 1832-33-34


Kelly's 1830From the Kelly's Directory 1930


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