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Closed 2007

51 Picardy Road



Above postcard, date unknown, kindly sent by Martin Archer.

Chequers 2006

Above photo 2006 by Dave Patten Creative Commons Licence.

Chequers 2006

Above photo, 2006 by Steve Thoroughgood.


It is a possibility that this pub is the same as the "Chequers" I have addressed at Erith.

The pub closed in 2007 and has now been converted into 12 flats built by the London and Quadrant Housing Trust.


Kentish Independent, Friday 13 May 1904.

Theft of cash box and contents.

William Green, and electrical engineer, of 10, May Place, Bexleyheath, was on remand at Dartford on Friday, charged with stealing a cash box containing 105, the property of Frederick Middleton, landlord of the "Chequers," Belvedere. The theft was alleged to be committed on the 28th ult.

Mr. Clinch, who prosecuted, stated that 104 2s. 5 1/2d. of the money had been found in prisoners possession.

Prosecutor, in giving evidence, said that on the morning in question the cash box containing 105 on the mantelpiece of his private parlour at the back of the bar. The money consisted of three 5 Bank of England notes, and the reminder in gold and silver. The number of one of the notes he afterwards ascertained to be 99,284, and the date November 21st, 1903, he having obtained the notes from the bank at Belvedere that morning. Witness had left the door ajaw. Prisoner was an occasional customer. On the day in question prisoner came to his house at about 2:30, and after he had been served with drink witness noticed him leave the bar for the back of the house at about 4:15. Witness was at that time talking to other customers, during which prisoner had been in the front of the bar. At about 4:30 witness afterwards noticed prisoner coming from the direction of his private parlour into the bar, finish his drink and leave the house. Witness did not miss the cash box till 8 o'clock that evening, when he had occasion to go to it for change. He gave information to the police, and had since identified the cash box shown him by the police as his property.

Florence Yerlett, a servant in the employ of prosecutor, said that at about 4 p.m. on the day in question she was in the kitchen, when prisoners looked through the window from the side yard and walked away on seeing her. There was a door from the private bar into an adjoining passage. About 10 minutes later prisoner again looked through the window, and said. "How are you getting on?" Witness replied. "Alright, thank you" and he again went away. At 4:30 witness met him in the passage between the doors of the public private parlour. he had no right as a customer to be there. The door of the private parlour was wide open. He said something to witness, but she did not understand what it was. Witness said nothing about the matter to her master at the time, but in the evening made a communication to the detectives.

Detective Clyne said that he kept observation on prisoners residence throughout the night till 8:30 the following morning, when the door was opened by prisoners daughter. Witness then with two other officers entered the house, and found prisoner in his bedroom.

Witness informed him that they were police officers, and that he should take him into custody on suspicion of stealing a cash box containing about 100. Prisoner replied:- "I know nothing about it; I have nothing to fear." Witness then conveyed prisoner to the Bexleyheath police station, where he was detained. Witness returned and searched the house, where he found 73 10s. in gold wrapped in a rag at the bottom of a toolbox. He return to the police station, where prisoner was charged. Witness on searching him found 1 10s. in gold on him, 1 11s. 3d. in silver, and 1s, 2 1/2d., in bronze. Prisoner afterwards asked for witness, and said to him:- "I'll tell you where the cash box is. If you look over the back fence at the "Chequers" you will find it there." adding that he threw it there. Witness found the cash box on the spot describe a prisoner.

Detective Golding corroborated the previous witnesses evidence, and stated that he remained in the house while detective Clyne went back to the "Chequers." He found a cardboard box (produced) which contained 12 10s. in silver and three 5 banknotes. he conveyed prisoner to the station said to him. "Tom, you've upset my arrangements. I was going from here to Liverpool Street, to Harwich to Havre, Queenstown and by the Red Star Line to New York, afterwards to my brother, who is doing all right in South Africa."

Prisoner was committed for trial at the Quarter Sessions.

The Chairman complimented Detectives Clyne and Golding on the way they had conducted the case, saying it had been carried out quietly and with discretion.


I am informed that the pub closed in 2007 and by 2019 had been mostly demolished and rebuilt as residential.



BARBER E 1862+

BARBER Louisa to Dec/1866

THOMAS James Dec/1866+

TOZER Henry 1874+

EMMS Thomas 1881-82+ (age 35 in 1881Census)

LITTLETON F Mr Feb/1891+ Kentish Mercury

BROWN John to July/1892 Maidstone and Kentish Journal

COLLISON Mr July/1892+ Maidstone and Kentish Journal

MILTON Frederick 1896+

MIDDLETON Frederick 1903-04+ Kelly's 1903

GAZE Thomas P 1913-21+

SUMNER William James 1922+

LISTER Benjamin M 1930+

SMITH Ernest 1938+


Kelly's 1903From the Kelly's Directory 1903


Maidstone and Kentish JournalMaidstone and Kentish Journal

Kentish MercuryKentish Mercury


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