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Earliest 1815+

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Duke of Wellington

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Birling Road / The Street


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Above postcard, date unknown.

Duke of Wellington

Above postcard, date unknown, kindly sent by Shaun Gardiner.

Duke of Wellington

Above photo, date unknown.

Duke of Wellington 2012

Photo taken 16 November 2012 from by Dayoff171.

Duke of Wellington

Above postcard, date unknown.

Duke of Wellington 2019

Above photo, kindly taken and sent by Shaun Gardiner July 2019.

Duke of Wellington 2019

Above photo, kindly taken and sent by Shaun Gardiner July 2019.

Duke of Wellington 2019

Above photo, kindly taken and sent by Shaun Gardiner July 2019.

Duke of Wellington 2019

Above photo, kindly taken and sent by Shaun Gardiner July 2019.

Duke of Wellington 2019

Above photo, kindly taken and sent by Shaun Gardiner July 2019.

Above aluminium card issued 1950. Sign series 2 number 28.

Duke of Wellington sign 2016

Above sign 2016.

With thanks from Roger Pester

Duke of Wellington sign 2016

Above sign 2016.

With thanks from Roger Pester


The present house was built in the reign of Henry VIII but the original, an old chapel, dated back to the days of William the Conqueror.

The beer house was originally named the "Cock and Coney," then between 1815 and 1818 the 'Wellington' to honour the Duke's victory at Waterloo, and thereafter the present name.


Kentish Gazette, 13 March 1849.


An inquest was held a few days since, at the "Duke of Wellington Inn," before J. N. Dudlow Esq., Coroner, on the body of William Baldwin, who was accidentally killed by being crushed by the wheels of a cart, which he was endeavouring to ascend; his legs caught in the spokes of the wheel.

A verdict was returned accordingly.


Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald, 25 June 1870.


At the Maidstone county court on Wednesday, an action was tried to recover from P.O. Bartlett, stationed at Ashford, damages to the amount of £12 for breaking the leg of a retired beer-shop keeper named Thomas Brooks. The occurrence took place so far back as May 3rd, 1869, at Byarsh, near West Malling. Bartlett, with a policeman named Waxhorne, was called upon by the landlord of the "Wellington Inn," at Ryarsh, to clear his house of a number of persons who were drunk and fighting. Among them was Brooks, who was the worse for liquor, and said he would "see the police — before he would go out." Bartlett accordingly put him out by force, and just as he had done so received a blow in the mouth from some one which knocked him down. While he was on the ground. Brooks was seen to go off between another man and his son, who had been put out by Waghorn. The next day he sent for a surgeon and complained that his ankle had been sprained in a scuffle with the police, but on examination it was found that the bone was broken. Four or five witnesses were called on the plaintiff’s behalf but they so contradicted each other in cross-examination, that without calling upon the witnesses for the defence, judgment was given for the defendant, with costs, the Judge expressing a strong opinion upon the plaintiff’s conduct. Mr. Goodwin, solicitor, was for the plaintiff, and Mr. Gibson, of Dartford, for Bartlett.

(Further information on Thomas Brook. Click here.)


Kent Courier 8th May 8th 1925.

Licensing Business.

The following temporary transfers were also granted:- "Duke of Wellington, Ryash, from Thomas Johnson to George Frice.


From the By Claire McWethy, 14 May 2016.

Ryarsh pub The Duke of Wellington marks 500th anniversary.

Henry VIII was on the throne when this Ryarsh pub opened its doors for the first time.

Now punters have raised their glasses to celebrate the 500th birthday of The Duke of Wellington, which has been at the centre of village life since 1516.

To mark the occasion, more than 150 regulars and village families gathered for a special photoshoot, recreating a historic photo of the then regulars, taken around 90 years ago.

Duke of Wellington 2016

Punters celebrate its 500th birthday of the Duke of Kent.

Jon Sutton, the pub’s landlord, said: “We have a number of historic pictures of the Duke on the walls of the pub, and we realised one in particular lent itself to having a modern version taken to mark our 500th birthday.

“It showed a group of villagers outside the pub in Sunday best, apparently before setting off on a charabanc trip. So, we invited as many of our friends and regulars as could make it to pose for a 2016 version.

“We were touched that so many turned up to have their place in the pub’s history recorded for posterity.”

Duke of Wellington outing

Pub regulars recreated this historical photo to mark the occasion.

The 2016 picture will be taking its place in the bar at the Duke of Wellington alongside those already there that trace the changes in décor and clientele over its long history.

Other celebrations planned throughout the year include various live bands, a beer festival on August 6 and 7 and a charity black tie dinner in aid of the Heart of Kent Hospice.

The historic photo shows the pub under the signage of Jude Hanbury and Co, a Wateringbury brewery which was taken over by Whitbread in 1929 and stopped brewing in 1933.



Last pub licensee had USHER John 1806-1828

CAPON Joseph Oliver 1829-1886 (age 58 in 1861Census)

CAPON Harriet Miss 1887-1903 Kelly's 1903

USHER Phillip 1904-1907

BENTLEY John to Mar/1908 dec'd

BENTLEY Ada Mary Mar/1909-1911

OVERAL Sidney Herbert 1912-1914

GRIMES Ernest 1915

MEDHURST George William 1916-1917

WARNER Charles Herbert 1918-1921

FROST James Cummings 1922-1923

JOHNSON Thomas Henry 1924-Mar/25

FRISE George May/1925-1927

ALLCHIN John 1928-1933

NEWELL Charles Wesley 1934-1937

WATERS Albert Edward 1938-1942

SILLS Frank Finnis Stanley 1943-1958

SMITH Christopher 1959-1960

LUCK Douglas Webster 1961-1967

WEEDEN Peter 1968-1969

FULLER Charles Edward 1970-1971

BROUGHTON Leslie Arthur 1971-1974

???? Roger & Sandy 1980s

SUTTON Helen 2004+

SUTTON Jon 2016+



Kelly's 1903From the Kelly's Directory 1903


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