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Earliest 1819-

Granby Head

Latest 1858+

(Name to)

107-109 High Street



I am informed by Tony Smith that:- "The "Granby Coffee Tavern" or "Granby Head" as it was also known was taken over in about 1850 and renamed "The Railway Saloon". It was later renamed again as "The Railway Tavern".


The Medway Archives and Local Studies Centre has referenced a set of documents, that I haven't seen yet, and is part of the Watts Charity MSS, 1579-1972.

Reference is made as follows:-


T17. Premises in Chatham and London [including the Globe Field (6 acres) the Eight Acre Field, and parts of the Eleven Acre and Well Fields, all part of Room Lane Farm, the "Granby Head," "King's Head," "Hit and Miss" and 6 small tenements, High Street; and 3 messuages in Holborn Lane, all in Chatham; 1 messuage at no. 115 Aldersgate Street, London. Many documents have plans] (11 docs.) [Original bundle no. 21]



T18. Premises in Chatham and Rochester [including 6 messuages in Love Lane St. Margaret's, Rochester; parts of the Eleven and Twelve Acre Fields, Room Lane Farm; several messuages in Holborn Lane; and several messuages , including the "Horn" and "Granby Head," on the North side of High Street, all in Chatham] (9 docs.) [Original bundle no, 22]



E13. The "Granby Head" public house at nos, 107 and 109 (1 bundle)

The Licensing Records of 1872 named this as the "Granby Coffee House" and it held a Full License and was owned by Trustees of the Watts Charity. I believe this was operating inside the premises of what was now called the "Railway Saloon" or "Railway Tavern." The O.S. map of 1866 certainly states it as the "Railway Tavern."


Kentish Gazette, 21 March 1854.


The business of the Assizes commenced at ten o’clock on Friday morning, before Baron Alderton.

George Smith, baker, for uttering two forged Bank of England notes, with intent to defraud, at Chatham, on the 14th Nov.

Mr. Daniel Bernard, landlord of the "Granby's Head," stated, that on the evening mentioned, the prisoner came into his house and asked for two-penny worth of gin. After ha was served he informed witness that he had two 5 notes, for which he wanted 9. Witness asked him where he got them, when prisoner replied between there and the smoke. London was then understood to be thus graphically and tersely described. The prisoner said he had not got them with him, and went to fetch them. In the mean time witness sent to Everest, who arrived before the prisoner returned. He afterwards saw the prisoner hand something to Mr. Barnard, and Mr. Barnard gave witness one of the notes. Prisoner then most philosophically resigned himself into his custody of the officer, and candidly confessed, in the choicest thieves' vernacular, that he was guilty. The prisoner said before the magistrates that he had picked them up on London- bridge. A witness named Martin, proved that the prisoner cams to his house at Chatham, on the same evening, and asked him to purchase a "fiver." He produced something resembling a five-pound note, but witness declined to purchase it. He said he had "picked up" a lady at the station, and thus became possessed of them. He asked 4 5s. for it.

Mr. Barton, an inspector of notes at the Bank of England, proved that the alleged notes were forgeries. They were both made from the same plate. Mr. Ribton strongly urged that there was no proof that his client had the slightest knowledge that the notes were forged, as charged in the indictment.

Guilty.— His lordship said it was the clearest case he had ever heard. The prisoner had himself acknowledged that it was a clear case.

Fifteen years' transportation.



WELLER Ths 1828+ Pigot's Directory 1828-29

BROOKER Ths Carrey 1832+ Pigot's Directory 1832-34

BRODKER Susan 1838+ Wright's Topography 1838

HARRISON Mr to 1852

BERNARD Daniel 1854+

???? 1872+ Licensing Records 1872


Pigot's Directory 1828-29From the Pigot's Directory 1828-29

Pigot's Directory 1832-34From the Pigot's Directory 1832-33-34

Wright's Topography 1838Wright's Topography 1838

Licensing Records 1872Licensing Records 1872


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