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Malta Inn

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Malta Inn 1925

Above postcard circa 1925. Kindly submitted by Rory Kehoe.

Malta Inn 1937

Above photo 1937, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Malta Inn 1937

Above photo 1937, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Malta Inn 1980s

Above postcard circa 1980s. Kindly submitted by Rory Kehoe.


Above postcard, date unknown, kindly sent by Michael Coomber.

Malta Inn

Above postcard, date unknown, from Ray Newman.

Malta Inn 2014

Above photo October 2014, kindly sent by Eric Hartland.

Malta Inn 2014

Above photo 2014.

Malta Inn Malta Inn 2013

Photos taken by David Dixon in 2013 from


The pub is operating as a Beefeater Inn.


From the Dover Express, 21 May, 1875.

An inquest was held at the "Malta Inn," Sandling, on Thursday afternoon last, before J. N. Dudlow, Esquire, coroner, on the body of James George Coulthard, and ex-governor of Dover Gaol, and a County Court deputy bailiff, which was put out of the river on Monday last. The following evidence was taken:-

Alfred Hall, Dover, said:- Deceased John George Coulthard was his uncle. He was lately County Court deputy-bailiff. He was about 63 years of age. Witness last saw him a fortnight ago at Dover. He appeared very haggard and caraworn. He left on the following Saturday and was traced to Chatham, then to an inn at Brompton and he visited Chatham dockyard on Tuesday. Last Thursday he was seen at Borstal, and he appeared at that time to be very despondent. He was addicted to drinking, and very excited in his conduct. He was married but had left no family.

Alfred Barnes, of Wolf Lane, Maidstone, a labourer, deposed that at 6 o'clock on Monday afternoon last, he saw the body of the deceased in the River opposite the "Gibraltar inn." He obtained assistance and pulled the body out of the water. There was six large stones and one small one in the coat pockets.

Police constable John Cheney produces stones and Property found on the body.

Mr W Hall, surgeon, Maidstone, deposed that he examined the body on Tuesday afternoon. There was no marks of violence. The body that evidently been in the water several days and was in a state of decomposition. Witness afterwards made a post mortem examination. The body was well nourished and healthy. Witness had no doubt death was caused by Drowning comma and not by violence or improper treatment.

The jury returned an open verdict of "found drowned."


Kent & Sussex Courier 09 June 1939.


Monkeys are very like humans, and there must be something in the Darwin Theory after all. Two young Rhesus Monkeys, finding a weak spot in the roof of their cage at the Maidstone Zoo on Saturday morning last, decided they would have a week-end off—nasty busy place the Zoo at week-ends.

Very much up-to-date, their first place of call was a dairy farm, a milk bar, of course. The second, on Saturday after-noon, another but quite different bar, the "Malta Inn," so nice and cool by the River Medway, most hospitable people the yachting fraternity—plenty to eat and drink; where they slept it all off they alone know.

What could be nicer than a Sunday on a farm?—cool, quiet, and chicken food is quite nice.

They were reported amongst the poultry at The Park, Sandling. By this time, however, their owner was on their track. A chicken house was converted into trap, fruit the bait—nice ripe bananas and apples—and by 5 p.m. No. 1 was caught. He was used as a decoy (in a safe cage, too), and No. 2 joined him, and by 9.30 p.m. both were brought home. A very enjoyable week-end—such a change from a crowded zoo, too.


The Stage, Thursday 11 November 1976.

Kentish is where the hops really come from. That fact alone makes the County pubs Country! And pubs are big business on the showbiz front today. You can forget the idea that down here that all the pubs are oak-beamed and full of yokels moving at a snail's pace.

Entertainment is IN at the INNS take my word. No, don't take my word just listen to the people I've been talking to in an in-depth round up.


The "Malta Inn," beautifully set on the banks of the river Medway, near Maidstone, is a hot spot for music. The electric organ is a big attraction and draws people like bees to a honey pot - which is more than a jukebox ever did in a pub.


I think I will - and pop out for a ginger ale.

Jimmy Hodge Jnr.



BALLARD William R 1891+ (age 44 in 1891Census)

CLEGG Thomas William 1901-Dec/1908 (widower age 75 in 1901Census) Kent and Sussex Courier

TREMAINE Frederick Dec/1908+ Kent and Sussex Courier


Kent and Sussex CourierKent and Sussex Courier



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