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No 5 Bar and Kitchen


(Name to)

5 South Street


07977 592213

N0 5 Bar and Kitchen May 2014

Above image from Google, May 2014.

No 5 Bar and Kitchen December 2014

Above photo, December 2014. Kindly supplied by Baz.


I believe this is another micro pub. Although rather larger than the originals and I believe is run more like a continental wine bar.


From the 03 February 2016, by Victoria Chessum.

No5 Bar and Kitchen in Deal's South Street shuts down.

A popular bar which was a big part of Deal’s nightlife has shut its doors to the public for good.

The owners of No5 Bar and Kitchen in South Street advertised half-price drinks on Saturday, January 30, and labelled the night as the “big goodbye”.

Residents fear that the now empty premises could become another cafe or charity shop.

The owner has not revealed the reason behind closing "No5 Bar and Kitchen" in Deal.

A post on No5’s Facebook page said: “I can guarantee it will not re-open as a coffee shop, charity shop or a flat.

“I don’t feel in any way that Deal is becoming a ghost town.

“We have a great community with a vast selection of independent bars, restaurants and shops, which welcome an abundance of visitors weekly.

“Please do not feel sad for us. Onwards and upwards as they say.”

The announcement was greeted with great sadness, with many people praising the venue as one of the town’s top bars.

Diane Wash said: “This is such bad news. I had some really good nights in there.”

Steve Plews said: “That is such a shame.

“All the best with whatever you all go on to do. I will miss my odd night in there.”

A total of 82 reviews on social media rated it as 4.8 stars out of five.

On travel-review website TripAdvisor it was ranked 42nd out of 100 bars and restaurants in Deal.

Despite numerous attempts to contact the owner Danny Harris did not respond.


It is rumoured that the premises is going to change name and re-open as the "Taphouse Beer Cafe." Date of opening unknown.



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