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Earliest ????

Queen's Head

Open 2020+

390 Maidstone Road


01634 231313

Queen's Head 1935

Above photo, circa 1935.

Queen's Head

Above photo date unknown.

Harvester 2013

Above photo 2013 by N Chadwick Creative Commons Licence.


I have heard reference to licensee George Baker a publican with a great sense of humour late 1960s who would jump on the bar adjacent to Woodside with a shotgun at the end of a Saturday night, and order everyone out. He was only joking of course and I don't think the gun was real but he got a good laugh by doing it.

In the 1970s the pub was operating as a Harvester.


From the By Nicola Jordan, 13 September 2019.

Residents in Wigmore are unimpressed with plans to change the name of Queen's Head Pub.

A change of name at a popular pub has brewed up a storm among locals.

It has been known as the Queen’s Head in Wigmore to generations of drinkers, but now the new owners want to rebrand it as the "Medway Arms."

The decision has left a bitter taste with hundreds who frequent the hostelry, who have now taken to social media to vent their anger.

An online petition called Keep The Queen’s Head Pub as The Queen’s Head has so far attracted more than 450 signatures.

Queen's Head 2019

Queens Head pub (formerly), Maidstone Road, Rainham. Pub being re-furbed and given a new name. .Picture: Steve Crispe.

The Facebook campaign has been set up by Rebecca Maxwell, a mum who lives around the corner from the pub in Maidstone Road.

Mrs Maxwell, 48, said: “It is a local landmark and part of Wigmore’s history.

“It’s been known by that name since the 1930s. I first went there when I was 18 and I can smell the food being cooked in the kitchen from my house.

“I’m not anti change as such, but I can’t see the point in changing a name. To people round here it will always be the Queen’s Head.”

Comments on her page have stirred up quite a froth including a reference to “Medway” sounding “chavvy” “tacky, cheap, awful”.

Others were incensed that the name change may have been introduced by managers at the Birmingham-based pub chain Mitchells & Butlers without consultation or knowledge of the area.

Mum-of-two Belinda Baker, 42, from Parkwood, said: “We used to go there as kids with the family.

“It will always be known as the Queen’s Head to local people. Just like Farthing Corner services and not Medway Services and the Bowater’s roundabout is the same.

“It’s not as if the pub is overlooking the River Medway. We are losing our identity.

“Medway is made up of separate towns and it should remain that way.”

The pub falls under the Ember Inns name, which is operated by Mitchells & Butlers.

A statement from Mitchells & Butlers said: “From time to time we review our estate and take the decision to convert a business to another of our successful brands. We will be converting the Queen’s Head Harvester to a brand new Ember Inns pub in February.

“We’re excited to be bringing the renamed Medway Arms Ember Inn to Gillingham, providing the town with a new look pub where locals will be able to enjoy real ale and proper pub food. We have chosen the ‘Medway Arms’ name as a reference to the area and to re-introduce some provenance back into the local pub.

“Harvester fans will be able to find their next nearest restaurant at the "Running Horse" in Maidstone.” (Sandling)

Ember Inns has about 150 pubs across the UK and specialises in cask ales and traditional pub grub.

It has spent the last few months carrying out a massive refurbishment of the pub.



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HUXLEY Anthony 1971+ Kelly's 1971

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Kelly's 1937From the Medway Kelly's Directory 1937

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