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Earliest ????

Roman Galley

Closed 2005

Thanet Way, Brook Lane

Herne Bay

Roman Galley 2007

Above photo by Nick Smith, 2007 Creative Commons Licence.

Roman Galley 2014

Above photo 2014 showing the closed pub.

Roman Galley 2015

Above photo 2015.

Roman Galley sign 1990

Above sign, 1990.

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The licence of the "Leopard’s Head," Sturry, was surrendered to make way for the "Roman Galley" when it was built on Thanet-way.


I have also seen this addressed as in Chislet.


Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald, Saturday 15 February 1936.


An application for approval of plans in respect of the "Roman Galley," Chislet, was adjourned because a copy of the plans had not been submitted to the police.


Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald, Saturday 14 March 1936.


Plans were submitted for alterations at the “Roman Galley," Chislet. It was explained that the proposal was to have a new lounge in place of the cellar, front sitting room, bar and smoking room.

In reply to Mr. G. Blaiklock (a magistrate), the architect said that there would now be an additional lounge.

Superintendent Wheatley said that by the alteration the whole of the rooms would be under better supervision.

The plans were approved.


Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald, Thursday 7 February 1985.

Death of former publican and Rotary Club founder.

Edgar Clements

One of Whitstable's best-known publicans. Mr. Edgar Clements, has died at the age of 71.

Mr. Clements was born in London, but came to Whitstable at an early age and became Kent's youngest publican when he took over the "Roman Galley" on Thanet Way at the age of 18.

He married his wife Joy in 1940 and two years later they moved to the "Long Reach" pub at Whitstable, which they ran together for 33 years.

Mr. Clements ran a successful bar-billiards team, and also the Long Reach Golfing Society, which played matches with other clubs and enjoyed many social activities. Mr. Clements was also a keen member of Seasalter Golf Club.

He was a founder member of Whitstable Rotary Club and was president of the club in 1959-60 when the Rotarians sponsored the building of the Over-60s Rest Centre in Waterloo Road. Whitstable.

He continued to take a great interest in the running of the Rest Centre.

The couple retired from the "Long Reach" nine years ago and moved to Maydowns Road, Chestfield.

Mr. Clements died at White Crofts nursing home in Marine Parade, Tankerton.

Mr. Clements leaves two married children. Jill and David, and two granddaughters, Tracy and Sarah.

The funeral look place on Monday.


From the 2 October 2013.

AFTER a camera crew descended on Herne Bay on Sunday to film the pilot for a BBC comedy series, we started thinking about the town's other starring roles.

This time, the location was Studd Hill, and the cast included Stephanie Beacham, June Whitfield and Russ Abbott, but directors have also filmed along the seafront, Reculver and the former "Roman Galley" pub.

Roman Galley cars

The pub, off the Thanet Way, provided a venue for the cast and crew of Only Fools and Horses to shoot their 1989 Christmas special, Jolly Boys Outing.

The popular characters - including Nicholas Lyndhurst as Rodney and David Jason as Del Boy - stopped off at the pub on their way to Margate for a Bank Holiday outing.

Roman Galley cast

Filming took place in March and the bar, car park and even the toilets provided locations for scenes.

Former landlady Faye Brown watched the proceedings, and provided sandwiches to the cast and crew.

Only Fools and Horses fiilming 1989

She revealed that the old Thanet Way - then not even a dual carriageway - provided a few problems for directors, with scenes inside the coach having to be re-shot because the road was so bumpy.

The pub is now converted into luxury flats but back then it had a function room for 100, a back hall for 80, a small restaurant and late-licence bars.

Another former pub, the "Bun Penny" in Central Parade, was used in scenes from comedy series Little Britain, starring David Walliams.


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CLEMENTS Edgar 1938-42

BROWN Faye 1989+


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