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Earliest ????

Long Reach Tavern

Open 2020+

Borstal Hill / Thanet Way


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Lomg Reach Tavern

Above photo, date unknown, photo by Douglas West.

Long Reach Tavern

Above photo, date unknown.

Long Reach Tavern

The building now (2017) appears to be operating as a Bed and breakfast.

Original Long Reach Tavern 2018

Above photo, showing the original pub 2018.

Long Reach Tavern 2015

Above photo 2015. Showing the New Long Reach on the Thanet Way.

Long Reach Tavern card 1951Long Reach Tavern Whitbread card back

Above aluminium card issued June 1951. Sign series 3 number 19.


The premises is now serving under the Beefeater franchise (2015).

This relatively new pub, built in 1938, replaced an older one with the same name which used to be at the top of Borstal Hill, and after closing it became a shop.


Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald, 29 January 1870.


On Wednesday Mr. T. G. Browning submitted at the Music-Hall, for sale by auction, the public-house called the "Long Reach Tavern," which was disposed of for 300. Two messuages and premises at Horsebridge-road, in the occupation of Mr. William Foreman, were at the same time sold for 400.


Kentish Gazette, 1 February, 1870.

WHITSTABLE. Sale by Auction.

On Wednesday Mr. T. G. Browning submitted at the Music-hall, for sale by auction, the public-house called the “Long Reach Tavern,” which was disposed of for 300. Two messuages and premises at Horse-bridge-road, in the occupation of Mr. Wm. Foreman, were at the same time sold for 400.


Canterbury Journal, Kentish Times and Farmers' Gazette 04 October 1890.


On the 21st Sept., at "Long Reach Tavern," Borstal Hill, Whitstable, Reuben Parfitt, aged 54.


Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald, Saturday 20 January 1894.

Alleged robbery at the Long Reach Tavern.

Kindness rewarded in a strange way.

At the County Magistrates' Clerks' Office, Canterbury, yesterday (Wednesday), before F. Furley, Esq., two Canterbury waiters name Frederick William Henry Court and Charles Arthur Munson were charged with stealing about 10, a pair of socks, and a knife, the property of James Davies, landlord of the "Long Reach Tavern," Whitstable.

The prosecutors deposed that at 8 o'clock on the night of the 14th inst. prisoners, who came to his house, said they were waiters and were going to Canterbury, but the night being so rough he offered them a bed. They had some food and went to bed about 12 o'clock. Witness showed them to the bedroom himself. This bedroom was the one he usually occupy himself. There were four money boxes in a chest of drawers in the room. The draw was locked. The boxes contained about 10 in gold and silver. There was one 2 piece among them. A pair of socks and a knife in the drawer also. Witness got up at 8 o'clock the next morning. About 9:15 witness went to the bedroom to call them. But found they were gone. He went and told his wife and they searched the room and found the drawers have been opened by key and the boxes forced and the contents gone. Yesterday witness was show the knife and socks produced by the police. He had not missed them till then. He was also shown the money. The kitchen window was open about 3 inches, it was closed the previous night. Witness gave information to the police, between 12 and 1. The bed did not look as if it had been swept in. He did not hear any disturbance during the night.

I.C. Stanford, stationed at Whitstable, deposed that from information and description of the men received from last witness, he went to the house of a man name Court, Church Street, Canterbury. He went upstairs and found him asleep. He said, "Get up, I want you for stealing money at the "Long Reach," last night." Court said, "I never took any money." His clothes were hanging on the bed. Witness said, "Were these the clothes you all yesterday." He said "Yes." Witness found in the pocket of the trousers, a knife, a penny, and a money box.

Court said, "I was drunk. I do not know anything about it. When we got upstairs, Munson said, it is no good going to bed, I have have got to be up by 8 o'clock." We came downstairs, and could not get out of the front door, so got out of the window."

Witness then took him into custody.

About 7 o'clock witness went to the house of Munson, Ivy Lane, Canterbury, and saw him, and told him that he had come about some money that was stolen from the "Long Reach" the previous night. Witness told him that he should search him, and found two half crowns in one vest pocket. He had his hand in his left trouser pocket. He pulled it out, and had a handful of money, viz., half crowns, shillings, 2 piece, etc., amounting to 4. 12s 3d., including two old copper coins, also the knife produced. In his jacket was found the pair of socks. In his overcoat was a pouch with some tobacco. Witness said to him "There is a gold watch and rings missing," and he said "I do not know about them, that is all I know about," meaning the money, etc. Witness took him to the police station. The watch and rings had since been found in prosecutors house. Witness charged them together at the station, but they made no reply. This morning witness told prisoners they would be charged with stealing the knife, a pair of socks, and money. he also told them the watch and rings had been found. No reply was made. On the way to the Court Munson said to witness we went to Court's house and he gave his wife his share of the money.

In answer to the Magistrates' Clerk, Mr. Davies said the 2 piece was his own, not his children's. He had seen it safe within a week. He had supplied prisoners during the evening with a quart of beer each and 2 small glasses of whiskey.

Prisoners were reminded to the St Augustine's Petty session on Saturday week next.


Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald, Saturday 26 March 1921.

Gardening, 1 or 2 days a week, landscape or kitchen.

J. P., "Longreach Tavern," Borstal Hill, Whitstable.


Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald, Saturday 27 August 1921.


Several Plots Freehold Land, Canterbury Road, Whitstable; less than half cost of 20 years ago; close to "Long Reach Tavern;" 20 ft frontage by 140 ft.

Particulars. R. Grimes, 83, Wallwood Road, Leytonstone, E.11.


Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald 03 January 1931.


On December 29th, at "Long Reach Tavern," Borstal Hill, Frank Shield, aged 49 years.


Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald, Saturday 25 February 1939.

Longreach Tavern. Whitstable roundabout, Thanet Way.

Frank Clements and Sons wish to inform their numerous friends that they take possession of the above Wednesday next, March 1st and will be pleased to see them after 6 p.m.


Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald, Thursday 7 February 1985.

Death of former publican and Rotary Club founder.

Edgar Clements

One of Whitstable's best-known publicans. Mr. Edgar Clements, has died at the age of 71.

Mr. Clements was born in London, but came to Whitstable at an early age and became Kent's youngest publican when he took over the "Roman Galley" on Thanet Way at the age of 18.

He married his wife Joy in 1940 and two years later they moved to the "Long Reach" pub at Whitstable, which they ran together for 33 years.

Mr. Clements ran a successful bar-billiards team, and also the Long Reach Golfing Society, which played matches with other clubs and enjoyed many social activities. Mr. Clements was also a keen member of Seasalter Golf Club.

He was a founder member of Whitstable Rotary Club and was president of the club in 1959-60 when the Rotarians sponsored the building of the Over-60s Rest Centre in Waterloo Road. Whitstable.

He continued to take a great interest in the running of the Rest Centre.

The couple retired from the "Long Reach" nine years ago and moved to Maydowns Road, Chestfield.

Mr. Clements died at White Crofts nursing home in Marine Parade, Tankerton.

Mr. Clements leaves two married children. Jill and David, and two granddaughters, Tracy and Sarah.

The funeral look place on Monday.




POINTER Stephen 1851+ (mentioned as labourer age 52 in 1851Census)

PARFETT Reuben 1871 (just mentioned as agricultural labourer age 35 in 1871 at "Long Reach Tavern."Census)

PARFETT Reuben 1881-Oct/90 dec'd (also agricultural labourer age 39 in 1881Census)

HARVEY Samuel 1891-1901+ (age 58 in 1891Census)

DAVIES James 1894+

HARVEY Samuel 1903+ Kelly's 1903

SKINNER William Albert 1911-13 (age 55 in 1911Census)

BURDEN William 1918-22+

CRAVEN J H 1924+ Kelly's 1924

SHIELD Frank 1930-Jan/31 dec'd

NEAL Frederick 1938+

CLEMENTS Frank Feb/1939-Feb/41 Whitstable Times

RAWLINGS Reginald P Feb/1941+ Whitstable Times

CLEMENTS Edgar 1942-73



Whitstable TimesWhitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald

Kelly's 1903From the Kelly's Directory 1903

Kelly's 1924From the Kelly's Directory 1924


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