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Earliest ????

Ship Inn

Open 2020+

Red Street


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Ship 1933

Above photo, circa 1933, kindly supplied by Rory Kehoe.

Ship Inn

Above photo, date unknown.

Ship inside 1940

Above photo, circa 1940, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe who thinks they may be Home Guard.

Ship regulars 1940

Above photo, circa 1940, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Ship 2009

Above photo 2009 by David Anstiss Creative Commons Licence.

Ship Inn sign 1986Ship sign 2015

Above sign, May 1986.

With thanks from Brian Curtis


This was a tied "Fleet Brewery" pub in 1865 when the brewery was put up for auction.


I have just added this pub to that list but your help is definitely needed regarding it's history.

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Bexley Heath and Bexley Observer, Saturday 6 July 1889.

A Southfleet Publican Fined.

Henry Hackman, landlord of the "Ship," at Southfleet, was summoned by the police, for that he on the 15th of June, did unlawfully sell by retail, an intoxicating liquor, to wit, beer, in Court Hill Field, without authority as a licensee to do so.

The defendant, for whom Mr. Clinch appeared, pleaded guilty, in accordance with his solicitor's advice.

James Charles Spragg, labourer, gave evidence. He said he called for a pot of beer on the 15th of June in a field or meadow at Court Hill, where there was a cricket match. Mr. Hackman served him with a beer, and he (witness) paid 6d. For it.

Mr. Clinch said that while his client had pleaded guilty, it was only right that the Magistrate should know the facts. On June 15th there was a cricket match at Southfleet between the village of Southfleet and the Post Office Authorities, and as it was a very hot day asked Mr. Hackman if it would be kind enough to send them up some refreshments. When he (defendant) got there, the last witness came up and asked for a pot of beer. Of course, he (Mr. Clinch) was bound to say that his client would have acted wisely if he had refused to let the man have the beer. The first pint was given to that man, and the second pint was given in the  presence of a policeman. The defendant had kept the public house for the past eight years, and nothing whatever was known against him, and he had also kept the "White Hart," at Green Street Green, for two years, and nothing had ever been known against him while there. Mr. Clinch thought that the justice would be met if the Magistrates simply called upon the defendant to pay the costs.

P.C. James Turle stated that about a quarter to 5 o'clock on 15th of June, he was in Court Field, Southfleet, where there had been a cricket match. There was a tent in the field, and in this witness found several glasses. He went round and saw the witness Spragg, who spoke to him, and he asked witness to have a drink of beer. Witness and entered the field after the beer had been served, and he saw the witness Spragg and several others.

Superintendent Webster:- Were there several persons drinking?


Did you see the defendant?


The Constable said he asked him if he had any license, and he replied that he did not want any, because he had been serving mineral waters only.

The landlord, Henry Hackman, was next sworn, and examined by Mr. Clinch, he said that his brother-in-law, who was one of the players from the Post Office, asked him if he would send them up some refreshments, and he took the beer up himself to the meadow. He there saw the witness Spragg, who came for a pint of beer. Witness told him that he had no pots, and that the beer was ordered. He said "Let us have a drink," and witness gave him. It was taken out of the beer served to the players, and which is paid for by them after the day's play. He kept the house 8 years, and they had never been any complaints against him, and he had also kept the "White Hart," at Green Street Green, and he had never had any complaints made against him in respect of that house either.

The Magistrates took a lenient view of the case, and inflicted the fine of 10s. and the costs.

The Chairman said there would be no endorsement of the license, because it did not appear as though the defendant had intended to do an illegal act.


During the Covid 19 crisis of 2020, this pub was able to offer a take away service in June, possibly earlier.



FRENCH William 1858-62+

MITCHELL William 1874-81+ (age 38 in 1881Census)

Last pub licensee had HACKMAN Harry 1882-89+

MILES Frederick 1903+ Kelly's 1903

SMITH William Henry 1913-18+

FAIRBRASS Arthur 1922+

GRIGGS William Lionel 1930+

CLINCH George 1938+


Kelly's 1903From the Kelly's Directory 1903



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