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Earliest 1707

White Hart

Latest 1977

(Name to)

Green Street Green Road

Green Street Green

White Hart

Above postcard, date unknown, kindly supplied by Michael Norman.


Maidstone Journal and Kentish Advertiser 12 July 1892.

Charge of Assault.

Alfred Hall, landlord of the "Colyers Arms," Betham, Southfleet, was charged with assaulting Robert Wakeman and Philip Letchford, at Greenstreet Green, on July 6th.

Mr Waller, of Bromley, appeared for the complainants, and Mr Ridley, of Dartford, represented the defendant.

Robert Wakeman said he went into the "White Hart," Greenstreet Green, and saw the defendant. A conversation took place about an old transaction, and he called defendant a rogue. Defendant said if he said that again he would smash him. He said it was true, whatever happened. Upon that defendant struck him in the face and followed him into the parlour, where he continued to strike him and kick him, inflicting serious injuries on the face and the body. (The witness has black eyes, and his face was much bruised and cut.)

Philip Letchfield, who also lives at Longfield, said he went into the "White Hart" and saw the defendant's striking Wakeman. He called out to him to hold hard, and then Hall struck him, knocking one have his teeth out.

Mr Ridley said defendant had sued the complainant Wakeman in the County Court, at Dartford, on Wednesday, and had obtained a judgement against him. Upon defendant coming out of the Court Wakeman assaulted him with all kinds of abuse, calling him a rogue and a thief, and other abusive and provocative names. When he left Dartford to go home Wakeman followed him, and when he stopped at the "White Hart," Greenstreet Green, went into that house after him, and there continued his abuse, and repeated the slanderous remarks which he made at Dartford, exciting defendant to strike him. He admitted that an assault has been committed, but it was done under the circumstances that a very small fine would, he submitted, meets the merits of the case. He called evidence to this effect.

The chairman, after consultation with his brother magistrates, said the Bench should come to the conclusion that they must convict in both cases.

In the first case they considered there was a great provocation and defendant would be find 6d without costs, and in the second case, considering the blow was struck in the excitement of the struggle, the fine would be 6d and costs.



The Maidstone and Kentish Journal referred to this pub as the "White Horse" and I am assuming that this is an error on their behalf. They also called the licensee Mr Whitehead and the census refers to him as Mr. Whitbread. Although this could well be a pub that I haven't got on my site yet. Local knowledge required.

The pub changed name to the "Darenth Tavern" in 1977.



REYNOLDS William 1847+

LUDLOW John 1851-71+ (age 65 in 1871Census)

LUDLOW Harriett Mrs 1874+

HACKMAN Henry 1881-82 Next pub licensee had (age 35 in 1881Census)

MILES Frederick to Jan/1891 Maidstone and Kentish Journal

WHITBREAD Ernest Thomas Jan/1891-1922+ (age 24 in 1891Census) Kelly's 1903Maidstone and Kentish Journal

FREEMAN Charles 1930-38+


Kelly's 1903From the Kelly's Directory 1903


Maidstone and Kentish JournalMaidstone and Kentish Journal


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