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Earliest 1826

North Pole

Open 2020+

434 Red Hill (Malling Heath)


01622 812721

North Pole 1880

Above photo, 1880, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

North Pole

Above photo date unknown. Permission given from John Gilham.

North Pole sign 1950s

Above photo circa 1950s, showing Bob Fleming his mother and grand parents, on a day out.

North Pole 1956

Above photo circa 1956, kindly sent by Brad Waters.

North Pole licensee Ian Waters 1956

Above photo circa 1956, showing licensee Ian Waters, kindly sent by his grand son Brad Waters.

North Pole fancy dress 1956

Above photo circa 1956, showing fancy dress ball in the bar, kindly sent by Brad Waters.

North Pole Vee Waters 1956

Above photo circa 1956, showing landlady Vee Waters, kindly sent by Brad Waters.

North Pole locals 1956

Above photo circa 1956, showing locals, names unknown, kindly sent by Brad Waters.

North Pole inside 1956

Above photo circa 1956, name unknown, kindly sent by Brad Waters.

Business card 1956

Above business card circa 1956, kindly sent by Brad Waters.

North Pole 1957

Above photo 1957. Kindly sent by Jeffrey East.

North Pole

Above photo date unknown. Permission given from John Gilham.

North Pole 1980

Above postcard circa 1980, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

North Pole 2014 North Pole sign 2014

Above sign left, May 1986, sign right and photo 14 April 2014, by Roy Moore.

With thanks from Brian Curtis

Noprth Pole cardNorth Pole card 1949

Above aluminium card issued May 1949. Sign series 1 number 28.


Following passage taken from their web site. (2014)

Past - At the top of Red Hill in an area originally known as The Heath the pub was built in 1826 by Richard Gibbon on land belonging to Matthias Prime Lucas of Wateringbury Place (The village still benefits from many of Prime Lucas innovations; he built many of the ragstone walls in the village and the church vestry, beneath which is his family vault).

Gibbon built a modern pub complex complete with the necessary stabling and coach houses to attract the traveller. He purchased the Freehold in November 1828 but sadly was unable to keep up the mortgage payments. In January 1836 the pub was sold to local brewer John Beale Jude and eventually through take-overs was owned by Whitbread's.

From 1914 until the early 1920's the licensee was Fred Cronk who then purchased Cromar which is now run as a very successful plant nursery by his grandson Martin Cronk.

(extract taken from the Rostrum, May 2011)

Present (2014) - Zoe and Lee moved into the North Pole in 2009, since moving in they have doubled the pub in size and renovated the original building to a high standard. Zoe and Lee opened the pub in October 2010 and it now sits 50 in the new restaurant and up to 74 including the pub area.

Future - Zoe and Lee have settled into their new home now and love what they have managed to achieve as a team, with such a dedicated workforce and return customers they can see a bright future for The North Pole and it has become the heart of the hill once again. With special events happening throughout the year this pub and restaurant is already getting a good reputation and the events bring the pub back to the heart of the people.


Standing at the top of Red Hill overlooking the village it was built in 1826. For many years the inn sign was replaced with one showing a 'North Pole' in a hop field. The North Pole was built by Richard Gibbon on land belonging to Mathias Prime Lucas of Wateringbury Place. Richard went on to buy the freehold of the land on the 4th November 1828 but the business failed to meet his expectations and it was sold to John Beal Jude in January 1836 and later came into possession of Jude Hanbury & Co.


Southeastern Gazette, 18 January 1853.



THOS. LESTER, of the above Inn, begs to inform his Sporting Friends, that he feels much pleasure in again presenting his ANNUAL SILVER TANKARD to be contended for on Wednesday, the 26th instant.

A good supply of Blue Rocks on the ground for other matches.


From the Maidstone Telegraph, Rochester and Chatham Gazette, 1 June 1861.


On Monday the members of the North Pole burial Society celebrated the Anniversary at the "North Pole Inn." The funds during the past year have increased, and the balance over that of last year amounts to 26 1s. 6d. The society is in a very flourishing condition, the treasurer's accounts showing a clear balance up to that day of 251 8s. 4d. Society numbers 118 members, and so far as the proceedings are the two have gone it has been well managed. In the evening and excellent supper was provided by Mr. Jackson, the host of the inn, to which ample Justice was done. The evening was spent in Great hilarity and much to the satisfaction of all present.

We are very glad to learn that several influential Gentlemen of the parish attended, and make themselves extremely agreeable, and example which we hope may be followed in other parishes on the meeting of similar societies, such a symbol is tending to create a good feeling between the employer and employees.

Kent & Sussex Courier 20 March 1914.


The Bench granted the temporary transfer of the license of the "North Pole Inn," Wateringbury, from George Langridge to Frederick George Cronk.


I am informed that of August 2018 the pub was under sale for an asking price of 895,000.



LEE Thomas 1832+ Pigot's Directory 1832-34

LESTER Thomas 1851-53+ (also plumber age 49 in 1851Census)

JACKSON Thomas 1858-61+ Next pub licensee had

BLUNT Charles 1881+ (age 47 in 1881Census)

WARNE George 1891+ (age 55 in 1891Census)

SMITH Edward 1901+ (age 24 in 1901Census)

SMITH John 1903+ Kelly's 1903

LAMBERT Florence Elizabeth to Mar/1909

LAMBERT Charles Mar/1909+

LANGRIDGE George Thomas 1913-Mar/14

CRONK Frederick George Mar/1914-22+

DODGE Thomas 1930+

TAYLOR Walter G 1938+

WATERS Ian & Vee 1940s-50s+


Pigot's Directory 1832-34From the Pigot's Directory 1832-33-34


Kelly's 1903From the Kelly's Directory 1903


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