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Earliest ????

Queen Phillippa

Closed 2013

171 High Street


Queen Philippa

Above photo, date unknown.

Queen Phillippa 2009

Above image from Google, July 2009.

Queen Phillippa sign 1991

Above sign, April 1991.

With thanks from Brian Curtis


The "Queen Philippa" remembers the wife of Edward III, the famous Philippa of Hainault who begged for clemency from her husband for the burghers of Calais after he captured the town in 1347. His queen first visited the town, then called Bynnee, in 1366; it was later renamed in her honour. But the great castle constructed by Edward between 1361-77 has gone, leaving only an earth mound near the railway station.


From The People, Sunday 5 December 1915.


King Edward III, Queen Philippa, and Edward the Black Prince.

Philippa kept the birthday of her mighty land at Woodstock in 1345. There, in that sylvan place, where she had spent the first years of her happy wedlock, did also find herself in her middle age, surrounded by a train of beautiful children, at the head of which was Edward Prince of Wales, then on the eve of winning his fast mead of renown.

This Charming picture, from the brush of Mr. J. Finnemore, R. I., has been selected by the Queen as a Christmas card. The work of reproduction has been excellently carried out by Messrs. Gale and Polden (Ltd.), of Amon-corner, E.C.


From the 04 August 2014 by Lewis Dysonldyson

Former Queen Phillippa pub in Queenborough High Street being redeveloped into bed and breakfast and cafe.

A former Sheppey pub is to be given a new lease of life as a bed and breakfast and cafe in a 170,000 redevelopment.

Finishing touches to turn the "Queen Phillippa" into the two new businesses is still ongoing but it is planned to be open on Thursday, August 7.

The site in High Street, Queenborough, has been closed for more than a year and was purchased in January by Adam Ervin and Danny Pain for around 210,000.

Queen Philippa 2014

The former Queen Phillippa pub in Queenborough which is being converted to a B&B and cafe.

It represents a new venture for the Bermondsey-based businessmen.

They turn one side of it into an 11 room B&B, with six double beds, four twins and one single, all of which are en suite, while the other will be a traditional cafe.

The outside will remain the same look and it will keep the pub’s name.

It has provided jobs for four local people so far which could grow higher in the future as the owners intend to step back from the business once it is up and running. Until then they will take it in turns working from the site.

The inside has been completely gutted and new plumbing, wiring, roofing and plastering installed.

The heat rating of the building has been improved so it is hoped money can be saved on electricity and gas.

Sash windows have been refurbished and replaced but kept as they looked originally.

Mr Ervin said: “We have got friends in this area and they have let us know that this place was up for sale.

“We felt that there were enough pubs in the area which were all to a high standard but we felt we were short of accommodation and cafeterias.

“The building had holes in the roof, it had damp, it had water rot so we have really done a good job to bring it back to standard and keep the character of it, which is important because it’s in a conservation area.”


Closed in 2013 and in 2014 it was converted into a bed and breakfast.



Unoccupied 1881Census

SELLEN George 1891+ (age 75 in 1891Census)

WEST Edmund 1901-02+ (also Livery & Bait Stables age 52 in 1901Census)

COBB Joseph Edward 1834+

TYLER Frederick H 1939+




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