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Earliest 1872-


Closed 2008

155 Thorold Road



Above photo, date unknown, by David Anstiss Creative Commons Licence.


From the 25 May 2010. By Keyan Milanian

Chatham pub's call to Muslim prayer

Rifleman 2010

A former pub's boozy past might have to be swiftly forgotten after an application to convert it into a Muslim community centre was submitted to the council.

Consultation started on May 10 after an application was submitted to Medway council to convert the "Rifleman" pub, in Thorold Road, Chatham into a no-alcohol centre for both Muslims and community groups.

The council sent letters to 15 homes on May 14 and has so far received one objection.

It is unclear what the objection is.

Peter Hare, who has lived in Thorold Road for about 25 years, said he had sent his feedback form back this week and also objected to the plans.

He has concerns about parking in the area.

He said: "We think it could be difficult for parking here if it is accepted. It has been quite easy to park out here recently but we think it could be a problem.

"There is a mosque along the end of the road and on Fridays it can be very difficult to park around there.

"We are also a bit worried about the noise it could cause."

The "Rifleman" pub closed about 18 months ago and has been derelict since.

The application also seeks permission for a one storey extension for a kitchen at the back of the property.

According to the application the building would 'provide a social meeting centre for local Muslims' but will also be open to local non-Muslim residents for social events.

A drop in group would be provided for the elderly and women's social activities while the centre would also provide welfare and assistance for bereaved families.

The only restriction on groups or clubs using the centre would be that no alcohol would be permitted on site.

The proposal adds that the centre would be used to 'provide an environment to create a better understanding of Muslims in the wider context of a multi culture and religions background in the community'.

The agent for the application, John Alford Chartered Architects, based in Cooling, were unavailable for comment.


The Licensing Records of 1872 stated the premises held a Beer License and was owned by Mary Ann Benster.

For a short period in and around 1985, the pub was operating under the name of the "Barrow Boy," I believe it changed names back again in 2000.



TUCKER Mary Ann 1872+ Licensing Records 1872

PRICE Thomas George 1881+ (age 58 in 1881Census)

PRICE Mary A 1891+ (widow age 68 in 1891Census)

BRAWN George 1901-03+ (age 54 in 1901Census)

BAKER George 1913+

MARTIN Kas 1930+

WICKHAM Leonard J 1938+


Licensing Records 1872Licensing Records 1872



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