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Earliest 1828-


Closed 2009-

54 Victory Street / 13 Railway Road

Mile Town



Above photo kindly sent by Peter Moynahan. Date unknown.


Above photo kindly sent by Peter Moynahan. Date unknown.

Victory 1982

Above photo, 1982, kindly sent by Darren Wells. Showing the wedding function for Michael and Patricia Doherty with Michaels two daughters Sarah and Kathryn.

Victory sign 1986

Above sign, August 1986.

With thanks from Brian Curtis

Victory 2016

Above Google image, July 2016.

Victory card 1970

Above card 1970.


As I have two address for this establishment, and the one I have a photo of doesn't look that old, I am assuming that there have been two pubs with this name at different times, but at present I do not know what happened to the old one or when the new one was built.

In the 1840s James and Marie Millener came from Headcorn to run the pub, and Marie went back there again after she left the pub.

In the 1980, George Bristow, father of darts professional the Crafty Cockney, Eric Bristow, was captain of the darts team.

Licensee Patricia Doherty, now 75 (2019) and living in Spain says the following:- "Its flats now. Looks quite nice, but local people don't want them coz its haunted. I remember that very well. I saw my first solid Spirit there. Scared the ...... out of me. George has come through several times to me through different mediums."


Sheerness Guardian 10 September 1859.


Before the Revs. J Poore, D.D., and G. B. Moore, E. Twopenny, Esq., W. Bland, Esq, and J. D. Dyke, Esq.

James Milliner of the "Victory Tavern," Mile Town, was summoned by the police for having his house open for the sale of beer, &c., between seven and eight o’clock, on Sunday morning the 21st August. Mr. Milliner pleaded guilty and threw himself on the mercy of the court.

Fined "2 and costs.


Sporting Life, Saturday 5 September 1868.

Mr. J. Terry, of the "Union Flag," Chatham, will give a splendid silver cup, value 10 guineas, to be run for at the Star Grounds, Rainham-road, Chatham on Monday, September 20, in a 440 yards handicap, open to England; the winner to hold the cup for six months, and accept all challenges on handicap terms for not less than 5 a-side, and to run in six weeks from signing articles. 1 10s. will be given with the cup for first prize, 1 second, and 10s. third. Entrance 1s., and 1s. 6d acceptance. Entries to be made with Mr. T. Cox, "Palace Tavern," Palace-road, Bromley; Mr. J. Price, Ashford; Mr. G. Finn, "Sovereign Inn," Castle-street, Canterbury; Mr. C. Wood, "Victory Tavern," Mile Town, Sheerness; Mr. R. Styles, "King's Head," Brook; Mr. J. Terry, "Union Flag," Chatham.

Entries to close September 16. Any man entering falsely to be disqualified. Mr. George Finn, of Canterbury, handicapper.


Whitstable times and Herne Bay Herald, Saturday 7th May 1898.

Sheerness. The rating of licensed houses.

Nearly the whole of the licensed houses of Sheerness have recently been reassessed for rating purposes for the overseers. The increase in the assessments in some cases are double, the rating of the "Wellington Hotel" having been advanced from 60 to 125, the "Belle and Lion Inn," from 44 to 84, the "Britannia Hotel" from 80 to 165, the "Goat Inn" from 32 to 84, the "Victory Tavern" from 48 to 92, the "Criterion Inn" from 36 to 75.

The total increase in the ratings of 55 licensed premises amounts to 1,161 10s.


The pub was certainly closed by 2009.



KNOWLES Thomas 1828+ Pigot's Directory 1828-29

KNOCK John & Henry 1832-39+ Pigot's Directory 1832-34

DAWKIN Jeremiah 1840+

MILLENER James 1847-59+ (age 29 in 1851Census)

MILLENER Maria nee WAGHORN) 1861-62+ (widow age 31 in 1861Census)


WOOD C Mr 1868+

FISHER Thomas William 1871-74+ (age 39 in 1871Census)

YOUNG Samuel 1881-82+ (age 30 in 1881Census)

PALMER William Jefferson 1891-99+

HUMPHREY Arthur 1902-03+ Kelly's 1903

WILLIAMS Edward 1913+

ELLIS William 1918+

LEZEMORE Charles Ernest 1938-52+

???? John & Doris 1970+

DOHERTY Michael & Patricia 1987-90


Pigot's Directory 1828-29From the Pigot's Directory 1828-29

Pigot's Directory 1832-34From the Pigot's Directory 1832-33-34

Kelly's 1903From the Kelly's Directory 1903



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