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Beer Retailers



PIGOT'S Directory 1828.

BALDWIN William, West Borough, Brewers.

BISHOP Elizabeth, 76 High Street, Wine & Spirits Merchants.

BISHOP William, King Street, Wine & Spirits Merchants.

BRENCHLEY STACEY & WISE, Stone Street, Brewers.

CLOUT Jane, 15 King Street, Wine & Spirits Merchants.

CORDELL Robert Thomas, St. Faith's Street, Wine & Spirits Merchants.

FISH William, Earl Street, Brewers.

HALL John Vine, 83 High Street, Wine & Spirits Merchants.

NEWMAN Denny, High Street, Brewers.

PLANE & HEATHORN, Earl Street Hotel, Brewers.

PRENTIS Stephen & Son, Earl Street, Wine & Spirits Merchants.

SHARP Richard, 39 Earl Street, Wine & Spirits Merchants.

SHERER John & Co., 17 King Street, Wine & Spirits Merchants.

SPENCER Richard Read, 25 Week Street, Wine & Spirits Merchants.

THATCHER John, 41 Earl Street, Wine & Spirits Merchants.


PIGOT'S Directory 1832.

BALDWIN William, West Borough, Brewers.

BRENCHLEY STACEY & WISE, Store Lane, Brewers.

BURGESS George, Week Street, Brewers.

FISH William, Earl Street, Brewers.

PLANE & HEATHORN, Earl Street, Brewers.


CENSUS 1841.Census

ANDERSON Benjamin, Water Lane, age 55, Publican.

HILDITCH Victoria, Week Street, age 58, Publican.

RING William, London Road, age 30, Publican.

MILLINGCHAMP William, Week Street, age 30, Publican.

MOUTON Thomas, Union Street, age 39, Victualler.

NORBURY Joseph, Week Street, age 54, Publican.

OLIVER Henry, Rose Yard, age 55, Victualler.

PIDDLESDEN William, Week Street, age 25, Inn Keeper.

ROBBINS William, Week Street, age 50, Publican.

ROSE Stephen, Gabriels Hill, age 40, Publican.

SPENCER Abraham, Earl Street, age 30, Inn Keeper.

USMAN Horatio, Fair Meadow, age 45, Publican.

WHEATLEY John, Week Street, age 34, Publican.


CENSUS 1851.Census

GOOD/GOAD John, age 40, Beer Seller.

MISSON William, 7 Wharf Lane, age 37, Beer Seller. Next pub licensee had (Not to be confused for the other William Misson at the "Parliament House Inn," 12 Wharf Lane, the census shows both with different wives and children. They were probably cousins.)

MOON Hannah, Earl Street, age 63, Beer Seller.

PIPER John, High Street, age 50, Inn Keeper.

RICHARDS John, Sandling Road, age 30, Inn Keeper.

VIDLER Richard, age 31, Beer Retailer.


Southeastern Gazette, 6 September 1853.

Applications for New Licenses.

Mr. John George Turner applied for a spirit license for his houses situate in Fant-fields. Mr. Monckton supported the application.


Southeastern Gazette, 6 September 1853. Maidstone

Applications for New Licenses.

George Law, landlord of a beer-house in Parliament-street, was summoned for having his house open for the sale of beer on the morning of Sunday, the 28th ult.

It appeared from the evidence of police-constables Head and Sunnucks, that between two and three o’clock on Sunday morning, they were on duty in Week-street, when they heard a great noise, and saw some men turn down Parliament-street with cans in their hands. On arriving at the house they saw a light in the cellar, and met two of the men with cans in their hands, which contained beer, which was drawn them by a young man, who they believed was a lodger. The defendant and his wife were gone to bed. Defendant said he locked up the house at eleven o’clock and went to bed, leaving three of his lodgers out. They had the means of getting at the beer, and it was one of the lodgers who supplied the men. He knew nothing about it. He called a witness named Bright, one of his lodgers, who stated that he drew the beer for the men, and gave the money to Law in the morning. He had no authority from Law to draw the beer.

The magistrates said they could not take such an excuse, and fined him 40s.


Kentish Gazette, 5 September 1854.

Maidstone. Sudden Death.

On Saturday Mr. Prentis, of the establishment of Mr. Prentis, wine-merchant, of this town, went to Ightham, and on his return was taken ill at Malling. He was so much worse that he could proceed no further, and after a short time he expired.


South Eastern Gazette, 10 April, 1860.

Violation of the Beer Act.

At the Maidstone Police Court, on Saturday (before the Mayor, J. C. Stephens, Esq., and C. Ellis, Esq.) George Law, beer-seller, of St. Faith’s-street, was charged with having his house open for the sale of beer during the prohibited hours, on the 1st. inst.

Police-constable Goble went to the defendant’s house on Sunday morning, at a quarter-past 12 o’clock, and found ten men there, but no beer; one of the company was drunk, and the others had been drinking. Defendant said he could swear that the men had not been supplied with liquor to his knowledge. He, however, was fined 40s.


Local News 28th November 1864.

At the Maidstone Police Court, before the Mayor W. Haynes and R. Cooper.

Emma Swans, aged 20 of Tovil, was charged with stealing a gold locket, the property of Elizabeth Sharp. The Prosecutrix deposed that her father kept a public house on the Sandling Road, and the prisoner was employed at her father's house for a week or two. She came to the house on 31st August and left on the 5th November, when the prisoner lived at her father's house, she had access to the witness' bedroom. In the bedroom, there was a chest of drawers, in which she put the locket on the Sunday, before the prisoner's arrival. On the 20th, she saw the prisoner go by the house, wearing the locket around her neck, she at once recognised it and gave the prisoner into custody. Police Constable asked her where she obtained the locket, to which she made no reply, and on being asked a second time, she said, it was given to her, but would not say by whom. The locket produced, was the one he took from the prisoner. Emma pleaded guilty; and her mother informed the Bench, that she had been a very bad girl, and had been an inmate of the Tottenham reformatory, she was sentenced to two months' hard labour.

South Eastern Gazette, 28 February, 1860.

Selling Beer at Unlawful Hours.

On Saturday, (before the Mayor, J. C. Stephens, Esq., C. Ellis, J. Whichcord, and T. W. Allen, Esqrs.), Henry Augustus, beer-seller, of St. Peter’s-street, was charged with selling beer within the prohibited hours.

P.C. Brooke went to defendant’s house shortly after 11 o’clock on the morning of Sunday, the 19th inst., and found six men there; under a settle in the room were three pots, with a small quantity of liquor in each, and there had been some thrown on to the floor.

The defendant called two witnesses, named Cooper and Saunders, to prove that there was no beer in the pots.

Fined 10s. and costs.

(I believe that Henry Augustus by 1862 was licensee of the "Albion." The only beer-house that I know of that this could be is the "White Swan" but at present I have only traced it back to 1867.)



POST OFFICE DIRECTORY 1867 Post Office Directory 1867

BAKER Henry, 24 Sandling Road, Beer Retailer.

BARNES Benjamin, 62 Sandling Road, Beer Retailer.

BIRD Thomas, Upper Fant Road, Beer Retailer.

BISHOP Thomas, St. Faith's Green, Beer Retailer.

BODKIN William, 12 Earl Street, Beer Retailer.

BUDDEN James, Bank Street, Ale & Stout, Wine & Spirit Merchant, (George Clift Agent).

BUTLER Eliza, Albion Place, Beer Retailer.

CLARK William, 8-9 St. Faith's Street, Beer Retailer & Hair Dresser.

CONSTABLE Ann, Hart Street, Beer Retailer.

CRITTENDEN John, Scott St. Perryfields, Beer Retailer & Grocer.

DANN William, 10 Market Street, Beer Retailer.

DELL Thomas, 39 Brewer Street, Beer Retailer & Shopkeeper.

DOVE Richard, 131 Upper Stone Street, Beer Retailer.

FIST John, St. Faith's Street, Coal merchant & Beer Retailer.

GOLDSMITH James, Boxley Road, Beer Retailer.

JONES Robert, Wharf Lane, Beer Retailer.

LANE John, Hart Street, Beer Retailer.

MECOPY Charles, Pudding Lane, beer Retailer

MISSON Robert, Bower Lane, Fant, Beer Retailer & Rag Dealer.

PARRIN Henry, 1 Tonbridge Road, Beer Retailer.

PECKHAM Robert, Tonbridge Road, Beer Retailer & Hay Dealer.

POTTS & FRANKLIN, Market Buildings, Wine & Spirit Merchants.

PRENTIS George, 35 Earl Street, Wine & Spirit Merchants.

QUAIFE Edward, Bridge Foot, Beer Retailer.

SAWKINS Mary Ann Mrs, Market Buildings, Beer Retailer.

SEYMOUR Alfred, 43, King Street, Beer Retailer.

SHEPHERD Tomlin, Earl Street, Ale Stores.

SHRUBSALL Edwin, 3 Albert Street, Perryfields, Beer Retailer.

SILBUN Joseph, 125 Week Street, Beer Retailer & Coffee Rooms.

SLENDER John, 69 Sandling Road, Beer Retailer.

SMITH Benjamin Postley, Pudding Lane, Beer Retailer.

SPENCER George & Son, Middle Row, Wine & Spirit Merchants.

STEVENS William, 55 Peel Street, Perryfields, Beer Retailer.

TAYLOR John, Watery Lane, Beer Retailer.

TERRY Henry, 90 Union Street, Beer Retailer & Town Carter.

TWORT Mark Anthony, 71 Week Street, Beer Retailer & Photographer.

USMAR Horatio, 131 Week Street, Beer Retailer. (Not "Lamb")

VIDLER Richard, Pudding Lane, Beer Retailer.

WEATHERLEY William, Boxley Road, Beer Retailer.

WELLS Edward, 21 Upper Stone Street, Beer Retailer.


CENSUS 1871.Census

JONES Robert, 18 Wharf Lane, age 45, Beer Retailer.


CENSUS 1881.Census

FILLIS Arnold J, 30 Bower Lane, "Queen's Own Coffee Tavern," age 37.


CENSUS 1891.Census

BOW Charles F, 22 Scot Street, age 41, Licenses Victualler.

HEARNDEAN Amy, 23 Albion Place, age 52, Victualler.



THOMAS Mrs, George's Square, Off Beer House, July/1894+.


CENSUS 1911.Census

POOLEY Wilson Harry, 6 West Street, age 49, Licensed Victualler.



Post Office Directory 1867From the Post Office Directory 1867


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