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Beer Retailers



PIGOT'S Directory 1828.

BROCK John, 38 Hawley Square, Wine & Spirit Merchant.

COBB Francis & Son, King Street, Brewers.

HUNTER William, High Street, Brewers.

STRIDE John Henry, Dane Brewery, Brewers.

WHITE John, Cecil Square, Wine & Spirit Merchant.


PIGOT'S Directory 1832.

BAILEY John, 13 Queen Street, Dealer in British Wine.

COBB & SON, King Street, Brewers.

HUNTER William, 42 High Street, "Taylor's Arms," Brewers.

STRIDE John Henry, Dane Place, Brewers.

THIRTON Samuel, 61 High Street, Brewers.


CENSUS 1841.Census

CHAMINE/CRARMISE/CHARMINE Charlotte, Lower Marine Terrace, age 30, Inn Keeper.

FINN William, age 50, Publican.

LAMPORT John, age 45, Publican.

MULLINS William, Dane Hill Cottage, age 30, Publican.

SMITH James, age 50, Inn Keeper.

STENTFORD Mary, High Street, age 40, Publican.

WHITTY Francis, Bank Side, age 25, Inn Keeper.

WRIGHT D, Banks Lion, age 45, Inn Keeper.


Isle of Thanet Williams Directory 1849. Williams Directory 1849

BOYS Thomas, 71 High Street, Beer Retailer.

KELSEY William, 161 High Street, Ginger beer Maker.

THIRTON Samuel B, Mill Lane, Beer Retailer.


CENSUS 1851.Census

BAYLEY Stephen, Trinity House, age 69, Bricklayer and Tavern Keeper.

BRISK/BURK Francis, 3 Duke Street, age 42, Publican.

DAVIS Henry B, 61 High Street, age 50, Brewer.

FISHER Emma, 15 Broad Street, age 37, Tavern Keeper.

GODDEN Richard, 1 Mansion Street, age 29, Beer Shop keeper.

JOHNCOCK Daniel, 55 High Street, age 26, Publican.

LORD Richard G, Northdown, age 37, Inn Keeper.

READ William, Paradise Street, age 36, Publican.


CENSUS 1871.Census

HEALEY George C, 52 Grosvenor Place, age 52, Licensed Victualler.

LENHAM Robert, 33 The Dane, and 31, Licensed Victualler.

PHILPOTT William, Mill Lane, age 56, publican and Registered Lodging House.

WILLSON William, 56 Clifton Terrace, age 48, Licensed Victualler.


CENSUS 1911.Census

STRANGE Harry, The "Crossways", Northdown, age 34, Licensed Victualler.


CENSUS 1939.

BACON John H, 72 Norfolk Road, age 54, Licensed Victualler and Haulage Contractor.




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