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Beer Retailers



PIGOT'S Directory 1828.

CLARK John, Wine and Spirit Merchant.

PARKER John, Wine and Spirit Merchant.

SOUTHERN Thomas, Wine and Spirit Merchant.

WIGNALL John & Co, Brewers.


PIGOT'S Directory 1832.

WIGZELL & CO, Brewers.


CENSUS 1841.Census

BOWER/BOWIA William, The Shambles, age 57, Gin Dealer.

COLE Thomas, Town, age 45, Victualler.

PARKER Barbara, Town, age 30, Victualler, (widow).

SOUTHERN Thomas, Town, age 58, Distiller.

WALKER James, London Road, age 30, Victualler. (Wife Mary)


CENSUS 1861.Census

BROTHERHOOD Henry, Percy Place, age 39, Inn Keeper.

CHAPPELL William, Henhurst Road, West Wood, age 45, Inn Keeper.


From the Maidstone and Kentish Journal, 8 August 1870.


Mr. Charles Goldsmith, beerhouse keeper, Sevenoaks, was summoned for having sold beer on Sunday, the 10th instant, during the hours of Divine service. It appeared a police constable saw a woman put a bottle through a window of defendant’s house which was afterwards returned. The woman was stopped, and about a pint of beer was found in the bottle. Defendant said she knew nothing of it. Summons dismissed.

(At present I do not know the name of this pub.)

From the Kent and Sussex Courier. 5 September 1873. Price 1d.


Mr. T. F. Simpson appeared to support an application by Mr. E. Crawley, wine and cigar merchant, London-road, Sevenoaks, for a refreshment licence, by which he would be able to sell wine to be consumed on the premises. The usual notices having been proved the application was granted. This was the only application.


From the Kent & Sussex Courier, 3 May 1878.

Sevenoaks Weald. Licensing.

At the Sevenoaks Petty sessions, on Friday last, the licence of a beer house, was transferred from Mr Miles to Mr Hazelden.



CENSUS 1901. Census

HILLMAN Harry, age 21, Inn keeper.


Sevenoaks Chronicle and Kentish Advertiser, Friday 20 February 1948.


Applications by four licenses for extended facilities were all granted, but a request by Bligh Stuare Mason, on behalf of James Brown (Oxford) Ltd., for a beer, wine and spirits off license for their premises at 73a, High Street, Sevenoaks, was unsuccessful.


The only unsuccessful applicant, Bligh Stuart Mason, said his firm held a lease on the premises at 73a, High Street, Sevenoaks, and had an Excise license under which they were entitled to sell not less than 4 1/4 gallons of beer, a bottle of spirits or bottle of wine at a time. If the Magistrates granted the license the firm would be able to sell beer in smaller amounts, and half bottles of wine or spirits.

Opposition came from the "Chequers," Messrs. Uridges, Messrs. F. Page and the "White Hart," Riverhead.


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