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Earliest 2002

(Name from)

Blue Rose

Demolished 2011

1 High Street


Blue Rose 2002

Above photo, 2002.

Blue Rose 2006

Above photo 2006 by Dave Patten Creative Commons Licence.


Originally known as the "Black Horse" the premises can be dated back to 1832. I do not yet know when the name changed. However, I believe it reverted back to the "Black Horse" again by 2007.


From the 16th December 2002.

The Blue Rose, Sidcup.

Pubs often undergo refurbishment but they rarely reopen under a new name, However, this is exactly what has happened to the "Black Horse," in Sidcup High Street.

The pub has had a terrible reputation in recent years. So bad, it seems, the owners decided to try to turn things around and present the drinking public with a plush new boozer, wielding the less sinister name of the "Blue Rose."

But, despite a lick of paint on the outside and a clean up inside (something which should have happened long ago), I couldn't see much evidence of any great improvement. A better pub has not materialised.

There were lagers and Guinness on offer, which can be found at any other sub-standard watering hole, but the only ales on tap were London Pride and Courage Best. The bar staff even managed to ruin the, until now, incorruptible London Pride, which was murky and tasted of vinegar.

The new look is combined with endless sport on wide-screen TVs and weekly events including an Abba tribute band, DJs and, of course, karaoke.

Reformers have tried to civilise the "Black Horse" but if they think providing pub wine, cappuccino and a fake log fire goes some way in resembling culture they are wrong and time will prove this.

The rowdy element may never be banished from this old stomping ground, particularly as there are precious few other places to visit in Sidcup on a night out.

Far from breaking with a murky past, the "Blue Rose" has taken the baton firmly in hand from the "Black Horse." I am sure it won't be long before the plush new leather sofas and clean carpet are well worn in as we return to the kicking-out-time fracas of past years in Sidcup High Street.


From the, By Linda Piper, 31st October 2007.

Pub owner’s fight for booze licence.

A HIGH street pub is to remain closed until the New Year while its owner sorts out how to keep its drinks licence.

Police and Bexley Council's environmental health officers had applied to the council's licensing sub-committee to have the licence for the "Blue Rose" pub (formerly the "Black Horse") in Sidcup High Street, to be revoked after a host of incidents.

Allegations included instances of underage drinking, drug dealing and fights in the pub, breaches of its licensing hours, excessive noise, anti-social behaviour and health and safety lapses.

A hearing was due to be held in September, but when the licensing sub-committee met, it heard from Enterprise Inns, which owns the building, court proceedings were taking place that day to repossess the pub from its previous tenants, Blue Rose Sidcup Ltd.

Its licensee and designated premises supervisor, Priya Patel, had also been removed from the licence and Enterprise Inns employee Graham Tuck had been installed as the new designated premises supervisor.

Mr Tuck, who indicated the company would like to change the pub's name back to the "Black Horse." had asked for the September hearing to be adjourned, pending talks with the police and environmental health officers on the best way forward.

The hearing reconvened on October 17, when Enterprise Inns asked for another adjournment until January 16 next year, which was granted.

The pub has become notorious in the area, and has attracted complaints from nearby residents and residents' associations.

They have complained about noise from events held in the upstairs function room lasting until the early hours, drunken underage teenagers in their roads and drinking continuing after hours.

There has also been concern expressed about possible drug-taking and dealing in the pub.

Enterprise Inns has agreed the pub will remain closed until the next licensing hearing in January.

It was closed and boarded up immediately after the September hearing.


From the By Robin Cottle, 1 May 2013.

The "Black Horse" in Sidcup High Street, was closed down in 2011 to make way for a Morrisons and Travelodge.



I believe the pub may well have opened under its original name again, but it was certainly closed in 2008, even if for a short time till its final closure in 2011.

Plans were put forward to demolish the building as early as 2010 to make way for a Waitrose supermarket and hotel and I believe it was finally demolished in 2011. Waitrose opened at the end of August 2013.


Blue Rose location 2015

Above Google image September 2015.



PATEL Priya to 2007

TUCK Graham 2007+


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