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Earliest 1826-

Duke of Wellington

Latest 1839

(Name to)

Dartford Road



Established by 1826 the pub changed name in 1839 when it changed to the "Rising Sun".


South Eastern Gazette, 20 April 1830.

On Saturday, the 17th inst., a coroner's inquest was held at the "Duke of Wellington," public house, Dartford, on the body of John Morley, who died the day preceding.

It appears that, on Monday, 12th, a party of the 17th Foot were quartered in Dartford on their March to New South Wales, when one of them, by name John Sowerbutts, being much intoxicated, annoyed the persons in the public house, and they unanimously agreed to turn him out of the house as he was not billeted there. The deceased, who was a market gardener, and a Mr. Buck, a butcher, residing at Crayford, endeavoured to force him out, and in his resistance they all fell together, when the deceased received a kick from a soldier which ruptured the bladder and caused his death.

The verdict of manslaughter was returned against the soldier, who was committed on the coroner's warrant to take his trial at the next assizes.


From the Maidstone Gazette and West Kent Courier, 10 August 1830.

James Sowerbutt, 24, a soldier, stood charged, on the Coroner's Inquisition, with feloniously killing and slaying John Morley, of Dartford.

It appeared that one evening in April last the prisoner, with several other person's, among whom was the deceased, were drinking together at the "Wellington" public house, in Dartford.

The prisoner being troublesome, the landlady requested the deceased to put him out of the house. A scuffle ensued, in the course of which blows were given and returned. The deceased fell to the ground; and immediately complained of a severe pain in the lower part of the abdomen. Two days afterwards he expired.

Upon a post mortem examination it was found that the deceased's death was caused by rupture of the bladder.

Several witnesses were examined, who declared that the prisoner never kicked the deceased during the affray.

The prisoner was, accordingly, acquitted.


South Eastern Gazette, 04 October 1831.

Dartford reform meeting.

On Monday night, a meeting of mechanics and artisans of Dartford, Crayford, and the vicinity was held in a field opposite the "Duke of Wellington" public house, Dartford, for the purposes of petition in the House of Lords to pass the reform bill. The committee met in the town at 1 o'clock, preceded by bands of Music, and banners flying; and marched to the field, where they were met by their Crayford friends.

Mr. John Landale, sen., being called to the chair, Mumford Campbell, Esquire, moved the resolutions, which were unanimously agreed to. He was followed by other friends of reform; and, at the close of the proceedings, the meeting quietly dispersed. Nearly 3,000 person's were present, a great part consisting of females, who appeared to take a lively interest in the business of the day. The statement having appeared in some of the London journals, that the bells were not run on this occasion, it is but Justice to the worthy vicar to state, that he refused the use of them on the grounds that they should not be employed to express any political or party feeling. A declaration had been made by the Rev. Gentleman, some months previously, that the bells should not be rung indiscriminately.

Aware of this declaration, no application was made for them on Friday last, when the Dartford troop of yeomanry gave a splendid entertainment to the officials and honorary members, at the "Bull Inn," the particulars of which meeting shall appear in our next.



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Pigot's Directory 1832-34From the Pigot's Directory 1832-33-34


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