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PUB LIST PUBLIC HOUSES Paul Skelton, Jim Packer & Mike Payne

Earliest 1838


Closed 2008

119 Northend Road

Erith and (Crayford pre 1934)

Harrow 1938

Above photo, 1938.

Harrow 2006

Above photo 2006 by Dave Patten Creative Commons Licence.

Harrow 2007

Above photo 2007, by Steve Thoroughgood.


Jim Packer author of the "Lost Pubs of Bexley" says the pub was established by John Killick before 1838. it was rebuilt in 1904 and had part extended 1938.

In 1934 the parish boundaries were altered meaning that pre 1934 the pub was addressed in Crayford.


Information below by Mike Payne.

The Harrow, Northend Road.

The Harrow stood on the east side of Northend Road about half way between Colyers Lane and the railway embankment. It roughly occupied the site of Nos. 121-135 Northend Road today and in 1960 was 119 Northend Road. It started life as a beer house but was rebuilt in about 1904 as a full public house.

Like the "Plough," further along Northend Road towards Erith, The "Harrow" was officially in Crayford, and should not be confused with the "Harrow" at Abbey Wood which was in Erith!

The earliest references I have found are in 1851. The census lists Sarah Burton (58) as a beer house keeper; Kelly's Directory lists Mrs. Mary Burton as a beer retailer. I assume these refer to the same lady.

In 1857 the person in charge was Charles (or George, the reports differ) Jordan who was in breach of the Sunday trading laws.

By the time of the 1861 Census the Beer house keeper was Thomas Fordham (58) who in 1868 also fell foul of the Sunday trading laws. This must have aged him for in the 1871 Census he gave his age as 74!

In the 1881 Census we see that the keeper is now Joseph P Harris (58). He is also listed in the 1882 Kelly's Director (under Erith) as being the proprietor of the Harrow Tavern. In the 1891 Census Joseph Harris is shown as an innkeeper at the Harrow Inn, which was also referred to as 6 Perry Street.

By 1897 Henry Jeal had taken over as he was referred to in a report of a court case. In the 1899 Kelly's Directory (under Erith) he is listed as a beer retailer. In the 1901 Census, aged 45, he is listed as a publican at the Harrow Inn.

In the 1911 Census we find Horace Thomas Warren (29) as a beer retailer at The Harrow.

In the 1938 Kelly's Directory we find Arthur Kingston Garraway in charge and from the 1935 Registration we learn that he was aged 37.


I am informed that the pub closed in 2008 and has since been demolished and replaced by flats.



BECKLEY James 1851 (licensed victualler age 70 in 1851Census)

BURTON Sarah Mary 1851+ (age 58 in 1851Census)

JORDAN Charles (George) 1857+

FORDHAM Thomas 1861-71+ (age 58 in 1861Census)

HARRIS Joseph P 1881-82 (age 58 in 1881Census)

FULSHAW Annie Mrs 1882+

HARRIS Joseph 1891+ (age 68 in 1891Census) (6 Perry Street)

JEAL Henry 1897-1901+ (age 45 in 1901Census)

WARREN Horace Thomas 1911+ (age 29 in 1911Census)

GARROWAY Arthur Kingston 1935-39+ (age 37 in 1939)




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