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Earliest 1707-

Tobacco Roll

Latest 1828+

High Street



Pigot's Directory of 1828, and it gives the address of High Street, and is listed under the towns "Chatham, Brompton, Gillingham." I am assuming it is in Chatham.


The Medway Archives and Local Studies Centre has referenced a set of documents, that I haven't seen yet, and is part of the Watts Charity MSS, 1579-1972.

Reference is made as follows:-


T2. Premises in Chatham and Rochester [including the "Tobacco Roll," the "George" and "King's Head;" several messuages, stables and shops on the North side High Street; several messuages in Holborn Lane and Globe Lane, including a bakehouse, all in Chatham; 2 tenements in Love Lane, St. Margaret’s, Rochester; ground, part of the Town Ditch, St, Nicholas, Rochester; Room Lane Farm (63 acres), Chatham] (30 docs.) (Original bundle no. 2)


From the above information I can say the pub can be traced to being open as early as some time between 1700 and 1707.



T3. Premises in Chatham, Rochester, Shorne and London [including several messuages in Love Lane, formerly Courthill Lane, St. Margaret's, Rochester; messuage, and land formerly used as a burying place, near Haven Key, St, Nicholas, Rochester; windmill and land (1 acre), Shorne Hill, Shorne; 2 messuages in Aldersgate Street, St. Botolphs, London; and several messuages on the North side of the High Street, Chatham, including the "King's Head," "Tobacco Roll," the "Red Lion" and a wharf] (20 docs.) [Original bundle no. 3]



T6. Several messuages on North side of High Street, Chatham [including several wharves, and a woodyard; the "Tobacco Roll" and "King's Head," both with smiths' forges; the "Red Lion" and a slaughterhouse] (14 docs.) [Original bundle no. 7]



T9. Premises in Chatham, Frindsbury and Strood [including several messuages on the North side of High Street, Chatham, 1 with brewhouse and slaughterhouse, and 1 on the corner of Holborn Lane; and including the "Tobacco Roll," "Red Lion" and "King's Head;" "King's Arms" and 3 messuages on the corner of Holborn Lace; Dissenting Meeting House, Whittle’s Alley, High Street; Room Lane Farm (56 acres), burying ground and 5 messuages, all in Chatham; 4 messuages in Love Lane, St. Margaret's, Rochester; Reed Farm (c. 77 acres) in Frindsbury and Strood] (27 docs.) [Original bundle no. 12]



T11. Premises in Chatham, Rochester and Strood [including the "Red Lion," "Tobacco Roll," "King's Head" and "Horn," and premises on the North side of High street, including nos. 85, 86, 87, 2 Other messuages, slaughterhouse and stable; and messuage and land (6 1/2 acres), Maidstone Road, all in Chatham; Reed Farm, Strood; 3 tenements in Love Lane, Rochester] (23 docs.) [Original bundle no. 14]



T13. Premises in Chatham, Rochester and Shorne [including several messuages on North of High Street, some newly-erected, and the "Ship and Launch," "Tobacco Roll" and "Red Lion;" the "Horn" and adjoining messuage, Holborn Lane, several other messuages in Holborn Lane, and in Globe Lane; Room Lane Farm (57 acres), and newly-erected messuage in Room Lane; several messuages in Love Lane Rochester; and a windmill, messuage and land, Shorne Hill, Shorne] (26 docs.) [Original bundle no. 16]



T15. Premises in Rochester ad Frindsbury [Including the "Horn," land and premises in Room Lane, the "Tobacco Roll," the "Red Lion," and the Eight Acre field, all parts of Room Lane Farm; 5 messuages in High Street, St, Margaret's; several messuages in Love Lane, all in Rochester; Reed Farm and 84 1/2 acres, Frindsbury] (20 docs.) [Original bundle no. 19]





BINSTER John 1828+ Pigot's Directory 1828-29


Pigot's Directory 1828-29From the Pigot's Directory 1828-29


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