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Earliest 1760-

King's Arms

Demolished 2002

18 Medway Street (Holburn Lane 1828)


King's Arms 1990s

Above photo circa 1990s following the fire.

King's Arms 2002

Above pub was demolished in December 2002.

King's Arms sign 1987King's Arms sign 1991

Above sign left, November 1987. Sign right, October 1991.

Thanks from Brian Curtis


The Medway Archives and Local Studies Centre has referenced a set of documents, that I haven't seen yet, and is part of the Watts Charity MSS, 1579-1972.

Reference is made as follows:-


T32. The "Kings Arms," and Holborn Wharf and premises, Holborn Lane [deed of 1862 includes "King's Head," High Street and several other messuages. Particulars and conditions of sale, 1906, with plan] (11 docs.)


The 1828, 1864 and 1872 directories gave the address as Holborn Wharf. I believe it has also been incorrectly referred to as the "King's Head."

The Licensing Records of 1872 stated that the premises held a Full License and was owned by the Trustees of Watts Charity in Rochester. It further went to say that the premises had recently burnt down but that the license was granted for the adjoining property.

I have traced this back to as early as 1760 from documents held at the Medway Archives and Local Studies Centre and is part of the Watts Charity MSS, 1579-1972.


Kentish Weekly Post or Canterbury Journal 25 June 1819.

On Friday morning, Mrs. Filmer, widow of Mr. Filmer, late landlord of the "King's Arms," public-house, Chatham, put a period to her existence by swallowing a quantity of arsenic. The deceased had been formerly in St. Luke's, and has lately been in so desponding a state of mind, that the Coroner's Jury which was empanelled on the occasion, without hesitation, gave in a verdict of - Insanity.


Kentish Gazette 03 November 1840.


October 23, Mr. Benjamin Braddy, landlord of the "King's Head" sic. public house, Holborn Wharf, Chatham, to which the bodies of the unfortunate men who were lately drowned were taken. Mr. Braddy had for some time been in bad health, but his end was accelerated by that melancholy catastrophe.



After a fire in the 1990s the pub remained a ruin till it was eventually demolished in 2002. I am informed that the site has not yet (2017) been built upon.


King's Arms site 2016

Above Google image 2016.



WILLS/WELLS Robert 1791-93+ Trade Directory 1793

FILMER Mr pre 1818

SHIPMAN Edmund 1828+ Pigot's Directory 1828-29

LITLEY William George 1832+ Pigot's Directory 1832-34 (Holbourn Wharf)

BRADDY Benjamin dec'd to Nov/1840

ALLEN John 1851+ (age 55 in 1851Census)

MARSHMENT Thomas 1858+

CAMERON Thomas 1862-74+ Licensing Records 1872

BALLARD John 1881-91+ (age 47 in 1881Census)

BARNARD Daniel Hardy 1901-03+ (age 41 in 1901Census)

FOREMAN George Edwin 1911-13+ (also Police Pensioner age 49 in 1911Census)

FOREMAN Elizabeth Mrs -1922-30+

HATTERSLEY Charles 1938+

PUNTER W J A 1950+

Last pub licensee had WILDING William D 1972-73 dec'd


Trade Directory 1793Universal British Directory of Trade 1793

Pigot's Directory 1828-29From the Pigot's Directory 1828-29

Pigot's Directory 1832-34From the Pigot's Directory 1832-33-34

Licensing Records 1872Licensing Records 1872



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