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Earliest 1892

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Connaught Hotel

Latest ????


Herne Bay

Station Hotel painting

Above painting showing the former "Station Hotel."

Connaught Bingo Hall

Above photo, date unknown.


The pub closed some time between 1970 and 1990, and is now 2016 being used as the "Connaught Bingo Hall." Advertised as the only independent Bingo Hall in the South East. Around about 1962 the Ballroom had the name of the "Starlight Ballroom."


From an email received 26 February 2020.

The licensee of the Connaught Hotel, Herne Bay, from 1945 (January?) to 1946 (June?) was my aunt, Joan Allen nee Hale (d.o.b. 31 October 1920). She is my late mother’s sister.

It is Joan's current recollection that the freehold was purchased. But, whether freehold or leasehold, it was certainly obtained by a newly-formed limited company, P&J Hotels Ltd.

If my aunt was the ‘J’, the ‘P’ was her husband Peter Allen (1 March 1919 – 20 April 1965).

The reason that my aunt was the sole licensee is that my uncle, having had a medical discharge from the Royal Navy, in which he had been an engineering officer, was repeatedly being hospitalised – and would die at the age of 46.

My aunt had had experience of the licensed trade before the war, as an employee at The Bull in Barton Mills, and then at The Lion in Cambridge. So, she had had some experience of the business before she resigned her commission in the WRNS and became a licensee in 1945. The starting date of her licence cannot be much earlier than January 1945, since it was certainly after their wedding on 9 December 1944.

If they obtained the freehold with little capital, that would now seem remarkable. But the price of coastal property was rock-bottom at the time, owing to coastal travel restrictions. Although those restrictions, applying to a 25-mile (later, 10-mile) band around the coast from Lyme Bay to The Wash, were only in force from the beginning of 1940 to the end of 1942, property prices did not really recover until people started travelling and ‘going to the seaside’ again in the late 1940s. Buying the Connaught in 1944/45 might well have been feasible.

I have no personal memories of the Connaught. I might perhaps have been there on just one occasion, but I would only have been two or three years old at the time.


Bill Freeman.



BONCEY George Henry 1903+

ALLEN Joan Jan/1945-June/46


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