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Earliest 1901+

(Name from)

Old Loyal Briton

2008- (Name to)

Bulldozed 2019

62 Thames Street


Old Loyal Briton 2014

Above photo, circa 2014, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.


This was described as being a beerhouse in the Kentish Mercury of 1881. If indeed it was the same house that later became the "Loyal Briton." I say this as there appeared to be differently named licensees in that year at the "Loyal Briton."


The Old Loyal Briton, 62 Thames Street in 1891 and in many telephone directories from 1927 onwards. This pub next became the "SE10," only to be reverted to this name again in 2014 before finally being bulldozed in 2018.


Rory Kehoe informs me that just after Francis Chichester single-handedly circumnavigated the globe in 1966 in his yacht Gypsy Moth IV, the pub was temporarily changed to the "Lone Sailor." Be nice to know if it was shown in the signage. So if anyone has a photo, I'd be interested.


On 15th October 2014 it was reported that the pub was boarded up and the occupiers evicted due to not paying any rent. The bailiffs having been sent in.


From the West Kent Guardian, 1843.

Frances Haynes, landlady of the Loyal Briton, beer house, and Henrietta Humphries, her niece, appeared to a summons charging them with abusive and defamatory language towards Alexander Milne, and Mary Cubitt, his housekeeper.


From the Era, 4th May 1851.


26th, at her house, the Loyal Britons, Thames-street, Greenwich, Mrs Frances Haynes, aged 67 years.


Proved at London 12th May 1851.

Frances Haines:-

"This is the Last Will and Testament of me Frances Haines of the "Loyal Briton" Public House, Thames Street in the Parish of Greenwich and County of Kent.

Widow first & ..... that all my just debts funeral and testament expenses may be fully paid and satifies as soon as .......... to my niece Henrietta Brookes wife of Phillip John Brookes and daughter of my sister Elizabeth Humphreys late the wife and now the widow of Stephen Humphreys deceased and my....... unto my brother John Waters and my sisters the said Elizabeth Humphreys, Sophia Thomas wife of Edward Thomas , Catherine Brown wife of Benjamin George Brown, Harriot Edmondson wife of John Edmondson, Marina Vassey wife of George Vasey and Priscilla Hislop widow , the six daughters of my late father Emanuel Waters ... and between such of them as shall be living at the time of my death equally share and share alike if more than one of them .......... absolute and I hereby appoint my friend James Miller of Thames ... Greenwich aforesaid Builder and Victualler Sole Executor of this my Will before the ........."



ARNOLD G H to May/1881 Kentish Mercury

BRADSHAW H May/1881+ Kentish Mercury

HEWETT P Mrs 1905-19+ Next pub licensee had

HOUSE James 1927-38+

WATT H D 1941+

DURRANT Robert William 1943-46+


OWENS J P 1956+

IVES P D 1964

???? 1974+


Kentish MercuryKentish Mercury


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