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Earliest 1794-

Five Bells

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I have only found the one reference to this pub to date from the Kentish Times of 1794 in an advert for ulcers. I do not know yet whether this pub changed name to the "Blue Bell," as very little information is know about this pub also.


Kentish Gazette, Friday 31 January 1794.

Care of ulcerated legs without rest, and ulcers of various parts, are, although of the most inverterate kind, and ever so long standing.

Has the common treatment of ulcerated legs is often unsuccessful, and frequent relapses after a supposed cure the consequence, encouraged by the advice and solicitations of his friends and his unremitting success in the line of practice, exemplified for many years past by indubitably facts, with a view to extend his services more generally to those who labour under the above dreadful diseases, Mr. Hankins, surgeon and Apothecary at Tonbridge, begs leave to inform the public, that he may be consulted personally on the first Thursday in every month, between the hours of 8 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon, at the "Mitre Tavern," in Maidstone.

Aware as he is of the illiberal conscience too often attached to this mode of application, he humbly hopes the afflicted will not be influenced thereby, so as to preclude a fair trial and investigation.

References may be made to the following respectable person recently cured by Mr. Hankins, many of them having laboured under ulcerated legs of 30 years standing.

Mr. Banking, Attorney, East Grinstead, Sussex.

Mr. Miller, late at the "Bull and George," Dartford, near Gravesend.

Mrs. Ring, wife of Mr. Matthew Ring, senior, at Southborough, near Tunbridge.

Mrs. Holding, wife of Mr. Holding, butcher, at East Malling.

Mrs. Reeves, at East Malling.

Mr. Roberts, at the "Swan," at Green Street, near Sittingbourne.

Mr. Barton, at the "Five Bells," at Otham, near Maidstone.

Mr. Edward, butcher, Eltham, near Maidstone.

Mr. J. Edmund, farmer and maltster, at Otham, near Maidstone.


N. B. It is particularly requested that application by letter, to any of the above person's, may be post-paid, and they will be immediately attended to.



BARTON Mr 1794+


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