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Earliest 1771-

Thatched House

Latest 1831+

Near Clark's Farm (Minster Road)

Minster on Sea (Sheppey)


Only one instance of this found to date, as below.

I am informed by Debbie Birkin that Clark's Farm was on the Minster Road and was the site where the the original comprehensive school was built.


4 Sept 1771.

Mr Broad at the "Swan," Milehouses, and Baker at the "Thatched House," licences was taken away by the Justice at the Sitting, Greenstreet.

The Reverend Mr David Martin, Curate at Minster, the only instrument, and would have put down the "Chequers," "Highlander," and all the others, except his nephew (William Gardner’s "Kings Arms") if he could have had his will....


From the Kentish Gazette, 21 April, 1789.

To be sold in fee, by auction, at the "Rose Inn," Sittingbourne, in the county of Kent.

This present Tuesday the 21st day of April, between the hours of four and six in the afternoon.

(Unless disposed of by private contract, of which notice will be given.

Lot 4.

A well accustomed public house, called the "Thatched House," with a close of rich Meadow Land lying opposite thereto, situate at Minster aforesaid, in the occupation of Thomas Brisley.

This lot is held by lease by the said Thomas Brisley for the remainder of a term of 61 years, which commenced on the 25th day of March, 1783, under the yearly net rent of 10s. 10d. and a covenant from the tenant to keep the premise in repair, and leave them so at the expiration of the term.

N. B. The timber on the estates at Minster to be taken by the purchases, at a fair appraisement.


From a list made by Stephen Rouse 1792 transcribed by Wendy James.


Lived Lamb and his wife. After Lamb died then his wife bought the "Ship" alehouse at the Blue Houses.

(Plough Sheerness?), which was soon after burnt down. After Mrs Lamb left "Thatched House her son Thomas Chapman had it and after Mr Chapman died there his widow married Thomas Lions. After Lions died, she married Baker, who rented it many years. After he left it Mr Ingleton had it and after Mr Ingleton the present Mr Brisley hired it.

It was part of Captain Gore's Estate and then his brothers who gave it to the (?) family of Mitchells. The above Baker is now in the Poor House. The present house was built in Mr Brisley’s time.


Kentish Gazette, Friday 27th September 1793.

To the gentleman grazers, &c.

October 2nd, at the "Thatched House" in the Isle of Sheppey, an Ewe will be killed, which had a Lamb cast the 9th of December in a very unusual way; it came through the rim of the sheep's belly. The Master of the Ewe is well assured that she carried the foetus about her a whole year, instead of the usual time of 21 weeks.

He is likewise certain, that she had no communication with any Ram, except during the riding month of the preceding year. The Lamb is preserved, and it's teeth in particular resemble those of a 6 month old. There are many Gentleman expected to view this phenomenon.


Kentish Gazette, Tuesday 9th July 1833.

Public houses to be let, with early possession, the "Thatched House," in the parish of Minster in the Isle of Sheppey; also the "Ship," in the parish of Sittingbourne.

Apply at Mr. Vallance's is Brewery, Sittingbourne.




BAKER ???? to Sept/1871

BRISLET Thomas 1789+

LAMB Mr 1792+



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