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26 Minster Road (High Street 1794)/ 13 High Streetr

Minster on Sea (Sheppey)

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Highlander 2010

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From the Stephen Rouse diaries transcribed by Wendy James.

4 Sept 1771.

Mr Broad at the "Swan," Milehouses, and Baker at the "Thatched House," licences was taken away by the Justice at the Sitting, Greenstreet.

The Reverend Mr David Martin, Curate at Minster, the only instrument, and would have put down the "Chequers," "Highlander," and all the others, except his nephew (William Gardner’s "Kings Arms") if he could have had his will....


From the Stephen Rouse diaries transcribed by Wendy James.

26 Sept 1771.

In the evening about 8, four men, servants to Mr Brett at Norwood Farm... had 5 pots of beer at the "Highlander" (Stephen Rouse) and then would not pay for it nor go out of the doors but swore and blasphemed in a shameful manner, until my son turned them out of the door.


From the Stephen Rouse diaries transcribed by Wendy James.

26 Aug 1789 Stephen’s ("Highlander") at Parish Meeting about building the Poor House, Mr Head, Swift, Ingleton, Brisley, Featherstone, Rice, Boarer, Burgess, Down, Richardson, Bigg, South, Ely and self there."

(Poor house had burned down a few weeks earlier.)


Kentish Gazette, Friday 15th February 1788.

On Thursday, the 6th day of March next, 1788, between the hours of 12 and 1 o'clock, at the sign of the "Highlander," at Minster, in Sheppey, Kent, by Steven Rouse, auctioneer.

All the estate of the late Mary West, deceased, (the conditions of sale then and there produced) consisting of a freehold messuage or tenement, and garden, at a certain place called East End, containing by estimation, 1 acre and a quarter, more or less, well stocked with fruit trees, now in the occupation of Thomas Broomfield, Tenant at Will, at the yearly rent of 6.

Also a tenement with 2 Dwellings, in Minster Street, opposite the Blacksmiths Forge, now in the occupation of Phoebe Coale, and William mummery, at the yearly rent of 3 pounds 15 shillings.

Also a tenement and garden spot, in Minster Street, now in the occupation of Sarah Mummery, widow, at the yearly rent of 2 pounds 10 shillings.

N.B. All person's having any demands on the late Mary West, deceased, are desired to send an account thereof to Mr. John Head, or Stephen Rouse, Sen., before the above 6th day of March next, that they may be paid.


From the Kentish Post or Canterbury Journal, Tuesday 25 November, 1794.

To be Sold at Auction.

By William Field, on Thursday next the 27th of November, 1794.

The complete furniture of the "Highlander" public house, in Minster Street, in the Isle of Sheppey; consisting of ten excellent feather beds, tables and chairs, an exceeding good clock, and every other household requisite.

The sale to begin at ten o'clock in the forenoon.


Faversham Times and Mercury and North-East Kent Journal, Saturday 20 September 1879.

Sittingbourne Petty Sessions.

The Bench then proceeded to the consideration of the licence in the cases in which there were complaints about the manner in which the houses were conducted, or in which the holders of the licences had been convicted during the last 12 months of offence against the Licensing Act.

These were John Hughes, "Cricketers Arms," Sheerness (convicted for permitting gambling on February 28th); Peter Newton Barlow "Shipwrights Arms," Sheerness, (convicted of a similar offence); John Bircham, "Highlanders Arms," Minster; Samuel Jarrett, "Cricketers," Rainham; Thomas Grewcock, "Green Lion," Rainham; Elizabeth Sayer, "White Horse," Rainham; Richard Charles Wallace, "Three King's," Sittingbourne; James Millington, beer house keeper, Borden, William Kitchenham, "Rose," Rainham; John Jordan, "Billet beer house", Milton.

The publicans having been cautioned, the Bench renewed each licence, with the exception of those of Bircham and Jarrett, Superintendent Mayne objected to the renewal of the licence to Bircham because of the manner in which it was conducted, owing to the drunkenness, &c., of his wife and frequent quarrels between them. Jarrett's house had also been conducted in a very unsatisfactory way. The bench refused to renew the licence to Bircham and Jarrett, but adjourned the question of renewal until September 29th, notice of which will be given to the owners of the houses.


Faversham Times and Mercury and North-East Kent Journal, Saturday 20 September 1879.

Sittingbourne Petty Sessions.

John Bircham, landlord of the "Highlander Inn," Minster, Sheppey, was fined 2 and 11s. 7d. costs, for selling beer in a harvest field without a licence. It was proved that the defendant took about 20 gallons of beer out with him. Mr. Copeland, solicitor, Sheerness appeared for the defendant.


Canterbury Journal, Kentish Times and Farmers' Gazette 07 March 1903.


The renewal of the licences of the "Highlanders," Minster; the "Ordnance Arms," Queenborough; the "Angel," Rainham; the "Chalk Tavern," Milton; and "Rainham Mark" beerhouse were opposed by the police. The Bench refused the renewal of the licences of the "Highlanders," the "Ordnance Arms," and the "Rainham Mark," but granted renewals to the "Chalk Tavern" and the "Angel Inn."


From the  14 January, 2011.

Clean sheet after seven pubs raided.

A "MOB-HANDED" police operation to crackdown on drug use in Sheppey pubs has left a bitter taste in the mouths of some landlords.

At 9.15pm on Thursday, December 9, simultaneous raids were carried out at the "Prince of Waterloo," the "Highlander" and the "Kings Arms" in Minster.

Later that night The "Shurland Hotel" and the "Castle Inn" in Eastchurch and The "Nore" and the "Castle Tavern" in Sheerness were visited by officers and drugs dogs.

Over the course of the evening, just three men were searched – one each in The "Shurland," the "Castle Tavern" and the "King's Arms" – but none were found to be carrying drugs.

The landlady of The "Highlander" in High Street Minster, Barbara Laws, was fully supportive of the visit by police.

Miss Laws, 50, said: "Everything was fine. There was no problem whatsoever."

She said the pubs in Minster had been visited in the past and was not surprised at the police presence on December 9.

"I get on very well with the licensing officer," she said. "We have had trouble in the village so he said he is going to keep an eye on it."

Despite making no arrests, Kent Police said the operation sent a "clear message that illegal drug use won't be tolerated".

Sergeant Stefan Martin of the Island Neighbourhood Team said: "Although we didn't find anyone in possession of drugs on this occasion we found evidence of drug use in some of the pubs. We will continue to work with the licensing officer and pub staff to prevent drug use and violence."

Mr Martin said police will work with landlords to "create safe environments in which our communities can socialise".


From the By John Nurden, 6 March 2018.

Sheppey landlord Terry Ronayne's horror trip to Bulgaria.

A publican has told of his nightmare of being dumped in a blizzard 500 miles from his holiday destination by Ryanair.

Terry Ronayne, 55, who runs the Highlander in Minster village on the Isle of Sheppey, was on his way to Plovdiv in Bulgaria where he has a holiday home.

But he ended up on a 16-hour coach ride from hell in freezing snow and with no food or water.

Mr Ronayne’s holiday horror began on Monday, February 26, when snow forced his flight from Stansted to be diverted to the remote town of Timisoara in Romania.

He said: “When we landed there was a blizzard and we were told we would spend the night in a hotel then fly to Plovdiv in the morning on the same plane. But it was a joke.

"Only pregnant women and some women with kids got a hotel room. The rest of us were told to wait. By this point it was 1.30am.

Terry Ronayne 2018

Stranded at Timisoara airport: pub landlord Terry Ronayne.

"Then we were told we would get a coach to Sofia but that ended up taking 16 hours and without any food or water. It was just a farce."

At one point a Bulgarian TV crew boarded the bus to interview the furious passengers.

Mr Ronayne said: “When the president of Bulgaria heard his residents were stranded he sent a military plane to get them.

"The rest of us had to put up with the coach journey which took us through the mountains. What started out as a jolly ended up a nightmare.”

He eventually arrived in Bulgaria 22 hours late but Ryanair has refused to pay compensation.

He said: “They have told me they got us there in the end so that's that. But we were freezing, had no food, no water, no care at all.”

A spokeswoman for Ryanair said: “The flight from London Stansted to Plovdiv diverted to Timisoara because snow closed Plovdiv airport and there were significant delays and airport closures across Europe, including nearby Sofia and Otopeni because of adverse weather.

"Coaches were organised to transfer customers from Timisoara to Plovdiv.

"As this flight was disrupted due to weather, no EU261 compensation applies but customers were advised they can submit a claim for any additional expenses incurred as a result of the diversion.

"Ryanair apologised to customers affected by these extreme weather-related disruptions which were entirely beyond our control."




From Kent Archives Catalogue ref U2004/T15 Leased to

RIGDEN Edward Plot to 1776

RIGDEN John & William (sons) 1776+


STEVENS ???? 1789+

GRINSTEAD Elizabeth 1851-58+ (widow age 59 in 1891Census)

BIRCHAM John 1879+

COOK Daniel 1881+ (age 61 in 1881Census)

MARTIN George 1891+ (age 55 in 1891Census)

MURRAY/MARRAY Robert 1901-03+ (age 35 in 1901Census) Kelly's 1903

LAWS Barbara 2011+

RONAYNE Terry 2018+


Kelly's 1903From the Kelly's Directory 1903



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