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Earliest 1864


Open 2020+

206 London Road

Milton Regis

01795 424128

Billet 1923

Above photo, 1923, kindly sent by Peter Radcliffe.


Above photo, date unknown.

Billet 2013

Above photo,1 March 2013.

Billet inside 2014

Above photo showing the inside of the pub 2014.

Billet sign 1993Billet sign 1993

Above signs, 1973.

With thanks from Brian Curtis

Billet sign 2005

Above sign 2005.

With thanks from from Roger Pester

Billet 2016

Above photo, 2016.


During 2016 the team from Ghost Connections visited the pub, and have published footage of their visit.

Please visit the footage by clicking here:- LINK HERE.


Faversham Times and Mercury and North-East Kent Journal, Saturday 20 September 1879.

Sittingbourne Petty Sessions.

The Bench then proceeded to the consideration of the licence in the cases in which there were complaints about the manner in which the houses were conducted, or in which the holders of the licences had been convicted during the last 12 months of offence against the Licensing Act.

These were John Hughes, "Cricketers Arms," Sheerness (convicted for permitting gambling on February 28th); Peter Newton Barlow "Shipwrights Arms," Sheerness, (convicted of a similar offence); John Bircham, "Highlanders Arms," Minster; Samuel Jarrett, "Cricketers," Rainham; Thomas Grewcock, "Green Lion," Rainham; Elizabeth Sayer, "White Horse," Rainham; Richard Charles Wallace, "Three King's," Sittingbourne; James Millington, beer house keeper, Borden, William Kitchenham, "Rose," Rainham; John Jordan, "Billet beer house", Milton.

The publicans having been cautioned, the Bench renewed each licence, with the exception of those of Bircham and Jarrett, Superintendent Mayne objected to the renewal of the licence to Bircham because of the manner in which it was conducted, owing to the drunkenness, &c., of his wife and frequent quarrels between them. Jarrett's house had also been conducted in a very unsatisfactory way. The bench refused to renew the licence to Bircham and Jarrett, but adjourned the question of renewal until September 29th, notice of which will be given to the owners of the houses.


East Kent Gazette, Saturday, February 11, 1928.

The Billet, Milton.

The question of the monopoly value in regard respect of the "Billet," London Road, Milton Regis, was considered.

On behalf of the brewers Messrs. Isherwood, Foster, and Stacey, Mr L. R. S. Monckton, solicitor, Maidstone, applied for an annual licence for the house, explaining that this was a sequel to an application which came before the Justices in February, 1925, for an annual licence. At that time there was a little difficulty in fixing the monopoly value of the licence, and the Justice's decided to grant a 3 and 3 quarter years' license, which would come to an end next July. He reminded the Justice's of the remarks made by the Chairman at the previous application. The Chairman then said the Bench had gone closely into the application. Messrs Isherwood gave up a big house at Milton. They had pulled down the "Old Billet," and erected the present building. They were very satisfied with the way in which messrs. Isherwood had met the wishes of the Bench. The "Old Billet" was most beautifully kept by the licence holder. It was one of the best they had to do with, and they were glad to be able to say the same of the other. It was a model for any other licensed victualler to go and look at. He (Mr. Monckton) hoped the Justices would still say that. The monopoly value figure had been provisionally agreed with the excise authorities at 1,250. They had already paid 262 10s 0d in respect of 3-years, and it was proposed the brewers would pay a further 1,250.

The Magistrates Clerk (Mr. E. Cecil Harris) asked if there was anyone present to oppose the application, and there was no response.

Mr. A. R. Pierson, solicitor, London, who appeared for the Exercise Authorities, said the figure of 1,250 had been agreed, subject to the approval of the Justice's, at a fair and proper figure.

The Chairman:- We are quite satisfied.

Mr. C. Hayloy Mason, O.B.E., F.S.L. superintendent valuer of the Home Counties Division for the Inland Revenue, gave details of how the figure 1,250 was arrived at, and said that he was satisfied that the amount was fair.

The application was granted, and the figure of 1,250 accepted.


East Kent Gazette, Saturday 23 February 1924.


The demolition of those old premises on the London Road, Milton Regis, which have been so long known as the "Billet" public house (and which have not been superseded by the palatial new building adjoining) has moved a representative of the “Gazette” to alike some inquiries into the history of what is one of the best-known licensed houses in the neighbourhood. The premises have only been used in the licensed trade since 1864, but during that period it has proved a very useful house, more especially as a place of call for people taking a stroll, for the London Road, summer and winter, is one of the favourite walks of the townspeople.

The earliest available record of this property is dated the 27th April 1769, when the property was then described as “All that messuage tenement or Cottage and garden”, and was sold on that date by John Boys (bricklayer) of Newington-next-Sittingbourne to William Wise (Maltater) of Borden, for the sum of 44.

It then passed into the hands, in October 1797 of Thomas Hunt (shopkeeper) of Borden, who by his Will sworn (under 600), and registered at the Archdeacon’s Court of Canterbury, left the property to his sister Honor Hunt. The cottage and premises were then in the occupation of William White.

On 25th of February 1792 Mrs Honor Hunt redeemed an annual land tax of 4.0 by payment of the sum of 7.6.8, the premises then being in the occupation of William Weller, and the certificate of redemption was signed by John Cantis and Oswald Tyler of Aisliford (sic Aylesford).

It appears that the next record of ownership is 1854, when, on the 9th June the property was conveyed for the sum of 65, from William Pain and wife to James Dean of Borden (Yeoman).

Mr. James Dean did not hold the cottage for any length of time, for on the 27th April 1855 sold it to John Vinson Esq, when it formed part of the Rhode House Estate, and was held by him to the time of his death, which occurred in November 1855. The property was described as “Cottage and garden”.

The cottage then passed into the hands of Mr. Henry Hudson of Court Lodge, Wormshill (farmer) who, on the 11 October 1864 granted a lease at a yearly rent of eighteen pounds for fourteen years to John Brenchley, Edwin Stacey and John Courtney Stacey, brewers. This lease contained a covenant that the lessees ‘Shall and will forthwith lay out and expend the sum of 60 in and about the improvement, enlargement of and making the same suitable for the purpose of a beer shop”.

It is evident therefore that the license of the old “Billet” dates from the end of 1864.

The property in January 1878 was purchased by Messrs Isherwood, Foster and Stacey, who were the owners to the date of the removal of the license to the new premises.

From March 1908 to the date of the removal of the license to the new premises, the house was in the occupation of Mr. C N Benge, who has now taken over the new licensed premises.

It might be mentioned in passing that Messrs Isherwood, Foster and Stacey Ltd are probably the oldest brewers in Kent, as there is a record of the process of brewing having been continuously carried on at the Lower Brewery, Maidstone, for over 300 years.

The new "Billet" is a splendidly built house with much improved accommodation, and it has been built for the purpose of its becoming a fully licensed house in due course, and it is probable Messrs Isherwood, Foster and Stacey Ltd will on some future date apply for a full license to these new premises, as they have received requests from numerous influential inhabitants for this application to be made to meet the requirements of the district, and the travelling public.

The new premises comprise a series of bars, as well as a lounge and commercial room, all well appointed. It may be stated that well over 100 customers can receive attention in this house at one time. The cellars are commodious, and well fitted, and here grain there is ample provision for extension.

With the gradual building that is going on to the west of the town, to say nothing of the tremendous increase in road trade, the new premises will supply a long felt want in that district.


East Kent Gazette, Saturday 21 February 1928.

I, CHARLES NESBITT BENGE, now residing at the "Billet" Public House, in the Parish of Milton Regis, in the County of Kent, that it is my intention to apply at the General Annual Licensing Meeting for the said Division, to be holden at the Police Court, Sittingbourne, in the said County on Monday, the 6th day of February 1928, for a grant to me of a Justices License, authorizing me to hold an Excise License to sell under the Licensing (Consolidation) Act 1910, any Intoxication Liquor which may be sold under a Publican’s License by retail, to be consumed either on or off the house or premises, situate at London Road in the Parish of Milton Regis in the said County of which premises and knowing the sign of the "Billet," Isherwood, Foster & Spacey Ltd, whose Registered Office is situate at The Lower Brewery, Maidstone in the County of Kent, are the owners, and of whom I rent them.

Given under my hand this 12th day of January 1928.


East Kent Gazette, Friday 11 March 1949.


The old "Billet" public house, London Road, has been replaced by palatial new premises adjoining and the original place is being demolished. The earliest known record of the Billet is that of 1769 when the premises were sold to William Wise, Malister, of Borden, for florins 4, Messrs. Stacey Bros brewers, rented the place in 1864 from Mr. John Vinson of the Rhode House Estate. It became the property of Isherwood, Foster & Stacey in January 1878.




LONG J T Mr July/1865-July/70

SMITH Henry July/1870-Dec/76

PETTETT John Dec/1876-June/78

JORDAN John June/1878-Aug/80

BREWER Walter Aug/1880-Jan/81

SCONES Frederick Jan/1881-Sept/82

LEWIS Edward Sept/1882-Sept/85

BROWN George Sept-1885-Nov/86

HONER Edwin Nov/1885-Oct/87

DODD William October/1887-Apr/92 (age 61 in 1891Census)

DODD Matilda Apr/1892-Oct/1905 (age 44 in 1901Census)

BAKER George Oct/1905-June/06

MOORE Thomas June/1906-Mar/08

BENGE Charles Nesbitt 1911-22+ (age 39 in 1911Census)

LONG Arthur Edwin 1930+

LONG Jane Frances Mrs 1938+




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