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Earliest 1973+

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Shurland Hotel

Open 2020+

High Street


01795 881100 and 880906

Sherland Hotel 2012

Photo taken 12 September 2012 from by Jelltex.


The building dates back to 1830 and was originally called the "Crooked Billet." I do not yet know when or why the name changed.


From the  14 January, 2011.

Clean sheet after seven pubs raided.

A "MOB-HANDED" police operation to crackdown on drug use in Sheppey pubs has left a bitter taste in the mouths of some landlords.

At 9.15pm on Thursday, December 9, simultaneous raids were carried out at the "Prince of Waterloo," the "Highlander" and the "Kings Arms" in Minster.

Later that night The "Shurland Hotel" and the "Castle Inn" in Eastchurch and The "Nore" and the "Castle Tavern" in Sheerness were visited by officers and drugs dogs.

Over the course of the evening, just three men were searched – one each in The "Shurland," the "Castle Tavern" and the "King's Arms" – but none were found to be carrying drugs.

Steven Haynes, landlord at The "Shurland Hotel" in Eastchurch High Street, described the moment his pub was raided. He said: "I was standing by the bar when they came in. There must have been about 16 or 17 officers with a video camera filming everything and drugs dogs."

As the officers "piled round" Mr Haynes, 32, was told that it was "just a licence check".

He added: "They were mob-handed in a big way. We get licence checks from time to time but not on that scale. I thought it was a little bit unnecessary."

Mr Haynes said it is "nice to know" the police are actively trying to prevent drug use in pubs but thinks "they should do a bit of research first".

He added: "We are a nice pub and we are careful as to who we let in. They did not find anything on anybody. We have never had any complaints."

Mr Haynes said that some of the families at The "Shurland" were put off by the police presence and left as soon as the officers had gone.

Mr Haynes said: "It is a waste of taxpayers' money in a time of recession."

Despite making no arrests, Kent Police said the operation sent a "clear message that illegal drug use won't be tolerated".

Sergeant Stefan Martin of the Island Neighbourhood Team said: "Although we didn't find anyone in possession of drugs on this occasion we found evidence of drug use in some of the pubs. We will continue to work with the licensing officer and pub staff to prevent drug use and violence."

Mr Martin said police will work with landlords to "create safe environments in which our communities can socialise".



HAYNES Steven 2011+


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