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Radnor Club

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Sandgate Road


Radnor Club

Above postcard, date unknown.

Above Google image 2009.


I believe that the "Radnor Club" was a club exclusive to Army Officers and to become a member you not only had to have been an army officer but also be voted in by the other members. I'm not sure whether they had a license or not or indeed the years when it was open.

It's not to be confused for the "Radnor Arms" or "Radnor Inn."

Further information received from Peter Lord says the following:- I used to attend the "Radnor Club" regularly in the 1960s. It played host to Folkestone Chess Club then. There was a rather quiet, almost Victorian atmosphere there with almost no talking. It could have been intimidating for a youth such as I was at the time, but I just got on with the chess. Cigars were smoked, but I don't think I saw alcohol served - I could be wrong. The Club was open to ladies, who were invariably in another room playing Bridge together with some men Bridge players.

Some of the members were very old, in their 80s and 90s. I remember one bridge player's hands were so arthritic, that she couldn't use them any more and her cards were propped up in front of her. I played chess against one old gent called Mr Head. We both enjoyed the game, and afterwards he gave me his fine chess set, which I have to this day. Little kindnesses like that are really appreciated and remembered.

Around 1966 for some reason lost to time, there was a big AGM or even EGM at the Club to decide the future of the Folkestone Chess Club, which had used the Radnor Club's premises for many years before. It seemed that we had to make a decision whether to stay there or move to the Sports Centre, where I believe we still are now, 50 years on.

This EGM became really very heated. To my young ears it was shocking how passionate one or two people's feelings were. It was especially surprising to me, given the normal ambience, where you could hear the clock tick, and people spoke in murmurs. It was a tradition v progress debate. Anyway we left the Radnor around that time




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