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Earliest 2016-

(Name from)

Lyfe Lounge

Latest 2018+

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108 High Street / Beach Street

Herne Bay

Above Google image, August 2018.


Identified as a nigh club and cocktail bar housed at the back of what was once the "Queen Victoria" public house. I know this was operating in 2018.

One of the boards outside advertised "A Select Garden," Spacious Courtyard, Two Bars, Live Music Every Friday, Free WiFi, Mouthwatering Cocktails and a Late License." Oh and another offered a VIP Table from 99, and a Happy Hour from between 5pm and 8pm." Well, if it cost you 99 for a table I'm afraid that wouldn't have made me very happy at all.

 By 2021 it was rumoured that it was going to reopen, this time called "Studio."


From the By Anna MacSwan, 28 July 2018.

Car driven into Lyfe Lounge nightclub in Herne Bay.

A car was driven into the doors of a nightclub following a fight at the venue last night.

The incident happened at Lyfe Lounge in Beach Street, Herne Bay, opposite Morrisons.

Two vehicles in Sea Street were reported damaged in the same incident.

Lyfe Lounge damage 2018

Damage caused by a car which drove into Lyfe Lounge, Herne Bay.

Lyfe Lounge damaged car 2018

A damaged car outside Lyfe Lounge, Beach Street this morning.

Another car remains outside the club, surrounded in police tape.

A police spokesman said: "Kent Police were called at 10.50pm on Friday 27 July to a disturbance at a nightclub in Herne Bay High Street.

"A man reported he was assaulted and had suffered facial injuries, before the suspect left the scene.

"Shortly after, a vehicle then collided with gates attached to the premises as well as a parked car.

"Police attended the scene and enquires are ongoing to locate the suspect."

Witnesses say a fight had broken out in the club earlier in the evening, after which a man was thrown out.

Lyfe Lounge damage 2018

Above showing damage to the gate.




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