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Earliest 1859-

Duke of Sussex

Latest 1859+

Mile Town



Again only one reference to this found to date.

This would have been in the area of the current railway station today and near the "Victory," in Mile Town.


Sheerness Guardian 31 December 1859.


On Wednesday morning last, the authorities of the War Department having drawn off the water in the moat surrounding the fortifications tor the purpose of draining the marshes, they being overflowed with water, the body of a labouring man was discovered by Police-constable Okiell in the moat nearly opposite the Contract Bakehouse, Broad-street. The unfortunate man was lying on his back, and a beer can at his side. From the appearance of the body and the position of the hands it was evident that the deceased had missed his way, and slipped into the moat. The body was soon identified as that of a man named Job Mummery, employed as a watchman on the works of the Sittingbourne and Sheerness Railway station in the Well Marsh, and residing in the Convict-garden.

On investigating the facts it was found that on the previous Monday evening the deceased left the "Duke of Sussex" about half-past six, with a can of beer and it is supposed that he got over the fence and crossed the marsh towards his residence, but that he missed his way (it being very dark) and slipped into the moat and was drowned. Being missed from home and from his work, search and inquiries were made for him, but without avail, till he was discovered on Wednesday morning. The body was conveyed to the "Victory Inn," but it was considered by the Coroner not necessary to hold an inquest as the facts elicited were sufficiently satisfactory as to the cause of his death. The unfortunate man has left a wife and three children, and is 43 years of age.


South Eastern Gazette, 3 January, 1860.

Found Drowned.

A watchman named Job Mummary, employed on the works of the Sittingbourne and Sheerness Railway, was on Wednesday last found drowned in the moat round the fortifications. On Monday evening deceased left the "Duke of Sussex" beer-house with a can of beer, and in crossing the marsh leading to his home he must have missed his way and fallen into the moat. Being missed from his home on Monday, search was instituted, and had it not been for the authorities of the War Department drawing off the water from the moat, his absence might hare remained a mystery. The deceased was 41 years of age, and has left a widow and three children.





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