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Earliest June 2003

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Jan 2014

32-36 Queen Street


Academy, Deal

Above photograph of the Academy kindly taken by Patricia Streater, 13 December 2009.

Rivals nightclub, Deal

Above photo showing the main entrance to the "Academy" which also doubles as the entrance to the nightclub called the "Rivals." Kindly supplied by Patricia Streater.

Academy signRivals sign

Again both photos by Patricia Streater and showing one side of the sign indicating the "Academy Fun Pub" and the other the "Rivals" nightclub.


At one time used to be called "Alby's," Velvet Underground" and also "The Tube," "Velvet Underground," and also "MDs," but changed name to the "Academy" sports bar in August 2003.

Inside the building was housed the "Academy," "Rivals nightclub" and also the old picture-house and the company FS Leisure operated all three. Unfortunately the cinema part of the building hasn't been in use since its closure.

January 2005 saw new licensee Paul White take over the premises, and in the March the same year closed down the bar for a week for changes to be made. He installed the big window in the front of the building, re-painted and re-coloured the inside and changed the furniture and re-launched as the "Academy fun pub." Sports were still shown, but the main brand of the pub was a fun pub/theme pub, hosting nights such as coyote ugly theme night, 60's, 70's and 80's nights, beach party's etc.


Advert from the East Kent Mercury 14 July 2005

Academy in Deal advert

From the Dover Mercury, 5 January, 2012. 80p


POLICE officers are appealing for witnesses who saw someone hitting a 20-year-old Dover man on the head at Rivals Nightclub, Queen Street, Deal. He was taken to QEQM Hospital, Margate, and treated for a cut, but did not need stitches.

A police spokesman said:

“The man was standing talking to two friends near the dance floor. It is not known what he was hit with.” Anyone who saw the incident which happened on Tuesday last week, between lam and 2am, is asked to contact PC Jade Symons at Kent Police on 101 giving reference ZY/4212.


From the Dover Express, 15 August 2013. By Phil Hayes.

Police probe death of nightclub reveller.

Rivals 2013

Tributes paid after man collapses outside Rivals.

TRIBUTES have been paid to a young man who collapsed and died outside a club after a “jam-packed” drum and bass night at the weekend.

Michael Bowes, 25, from Margate, was one of hundreds who attended the “Breakology” event at Rivals in Deal on Saturday night.

All three floors of the Queen Street venue had been filled with ravers before police and ambulance were called to the scene at 12.15am on Sunday.


Mr Bowes had collapsed outside the nightclub and was taken to the QEQM hospital in Margate. He died shortly after his arrival.

Three door staff aged 25,38 and 44 were arrested in connection with his death.

The male bouncers were released on bail on Monday until November 12 pending further inquiries.

A one minute silence is due to be held at the club at midnight this Saturday.

A clubber who was at Rivals that night, but asked not to be named, told the Express that the club was “absolutely jam-packed full of people”.

The 23-year-old said: “There were three police cars and one ambulance parked in Queen Street at around 12.20am, but no sign of any frantic activity “Police were coming in and out of the club all evening. When anyone left they were stopping them in the Co-op car park and taking details for any witnesses.”

Floral tributes to Mr Bowes have been left outside Rivals.

A message from “Elaine and Andrew” said: “You were like a second son to me.

“You had a heart of gold and we love you and will remember you always.”

“Our deepest thoughts and respect lie with the friends and family concerned.”


From 23 January 2014, by Beth Robson


Speculation is spreading that Deal nightclub "Rivals" has closed because of money troubles.

Rumours broke out on social media sites on Wednesday night.

The Queen Street club is owned by Herne Bay based FS Leisure Ltd.

The firm has not confirmed or denied the suspicion but director Alison Mannering said a sign was put up outside saying: "Rivals Nightclub is closed until further notice.

"Discussions for the redevelopment of the site are in progress."

An anonymous email, sent to the Mercury on Thursday morning, said: "Rivals has been closed with immediate effect, staff dismissed.

"Staff weren't even told why."

It is not thought to be related to police re-bailing three door staff from the club in connection with the death of Michael Bowls outside Rivals in August.

After the death of Mr Bowles of King Street, Margate, the suspects were bailed until last November, then again until Wednesday, January 22.

The men, who are employed by a separate SIA licensed security company, have been re-bailed until Thursday, April 23.


From the Dover Mercury, 3 September 2015.

A security worker accused of manslaughter has claimed he just held the ankles of an aggressive nightclub customer for a few minutes as he struggled violently to get free.

Peter Holland said when he went back into Rivals in Deal Michael Bowes was “still kicking and struggling”.

He added: “He had calmed down a bit by then but he was still aggressive. He was still being restrained. He was still moving; very much so.”

When he was arrested later that evening he said he was not aware that Mr Bowes, 25, had died.

Holland, of St Pierre Court, Prince of Wales Terrace, Deal, is on trial with Jamie Seal, of Rugby Close, Broadstairs, and Simon Banks, 40, of William Pitt Avenue, Deal, who all deny manslaughter by gross negligence. The three doormen were involved in restraining Mr Bowes, of King Street, Margate, after he was ejected from a Breakology drum and bass night in the early hours of August 11, 2013.

Mr Bowes, who was drunk and a user of cocaine and steroids, suffered a cardiac respiratory collapse.

Holland said it was the only time he had worked for Marc-One Security and his only time at the Queen Street club.

Another employee of the company he knew had asked him if he wanted to do a shift there because they had a big night and they were short-staffed.

The 46-year-old father said he had been working earlier in the day on security at a funfair in Herne Bay.

“I got there at about 11.20pm,” he told the jury. “I was asked to sign in and was shown around. I was provided with a radio but no earpiece.

“There was no briefing by anyone else. I was not introduced to any other door supervisors.”

He was situated between Rivals and the Academy Bar.

“The music was really loud, lots of banging,” he said. “I couldn’t hear my radio. I couldn’t have a conversation with anyone.”

Holland said he was about 45 minutes to an hour into his shift when he was aware of an incident.

He saw a man - Mr Bowes - who was agitated and struggling as Banks took him to the fire exit.

“I walked up to see what was going on and ended up getting involved,” he continued. “I went to help. We tried to escort him away from the noise.

“He was very angry. He didn’t want to move. We had an arm each and escorted him to the door.”

Holland said he went back into the club but then saw Mr Bowes was punching the reinforced windows in the doors.

“He was punching with everything he had,” he said. “He wanted to get back in. My personal view was that he was on something.

“We were going to hold him there for the police for criminal damage. It looked like he was quite happy for a fight, to have a go at Simon.

“Mr Banks was trying to get hold of him. He wasn’t doing anything inappropriate at all. The man was flailing his arms about. There was a tussle.” Holland said he believed Banks took Mr Bowes to the ground, but agreed it could have been Seal.

“Simon was on his shoulders to keep him down, giving him a bear hug to restrain him.

“Mr Seal was at the head end. I just had his ankles.

“He was kicking out. I grabbed his ankles to protect him and anybody else who was around. He was trying to get everybody off him.

“As he was kicking out I put my knee across. I was out there a total of seven to 10 minutes. I didn’t see any punches.” Holland added he was asked to “get off’ and go back into the club.



Asked by his lawyer Niall Doherty if he saw any of the door supervisors acting inappropriately, Holland replied: "No, none whatsoever.

I didn't hear any raised voices apart from the gentleman on the floor swearing.

“I didn't see anyone acting unprofessionally. I was not aware the man had died at the time. He only had injuries to his hands."

Asked if he believed what he did was reasonable, he said: "Yes, I do. I believe I used reasonable force. I believe I exercised a duty of care by holding his feet.

"I didn't lose my temper.

I don’t believe I acted negligently at all."

Holland said in his statement to police that Mr Bowes was shouting: "I am stronger than you. Get off."

The doorman added: “He was struggling like there is no tomorrow. He had blood all over his hands where he had been hitting the windows.

It went on my shirt and everything.

"I was taken aback by it. I was a bit shocked by it."


Rivals Night Club, where a man died after a struggle with security staff.


Holland, who is originally from Dover, said he had worked in the security industry for 18 years doing mainly "event work”.

He was previously employed by the now defunct Speed Ferries at Dover docks and then in 2009 completed training for his Security Industry Authority (SIA) licence.

Conflict management was taught, he said, but there were "no restraint techniques or anything like that".

"I did retail security and a lot of event work, Radio One shows, air shows, Kent County Show,” he continued. "I also did close protection work, being a bodyguard for VIPs."

He took a year out from security doing stocktaking in Paris and returned to the UK in 2013 and continued part-time with event work including fun fairs.

Holland said he last worked in June last year.

"It came to an end because of the case and my licence was suspended," he said

"My health has not been very good because of what's gone on. I am suffering from post traumatic stress disorder."



FAULKNER Gary Aug/2003-Dec/04

WHITE Paul Jan-2005-Dec/05 Next pub licensee had

RUTTER Steve Jan/2006-08 Next pub licensee had


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