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PUB LIST PUBLIC HOUSES Paul Skelton & Rory Kehoe

Earliest 1772-

Catherine Wheel

Latest 1918+

25 St. Dunstan's Street


Catherine Wheel 1909

Above photo 1909. Kindly sent by Rory Kehoe. The pub is just seen on the extreme left of the photo.

Catherine Wheel 2017

Above photo, August 2017, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.


This has also been spelt "Katherine Wheel." I am told this was situated three doors from the railway crossing.


Kentish Gazette, Tuesday 09 June 1772.


In St. Dunstan's, near and without the Walls of the City of Canterbury.

Whereas a Part of the House, Land, and Premises, known by the Name of the "Katherine Wheel," also several Messuages, Lands and Tenements, in the Occupation of Mr. Thomas Luckett, or his Under Tennants, in St. Dunstan's aforesaid.

Also a Messuage or Tenament, Oast, and Premises, at Harbledown, which said premises were formerly the property of Thomas Trensham, Gent. of the Parish of St. Dunstan's aforesaid, and given by him at his Decease, for the Benefit of the Poor of the said Parish, and of late years are mixed and blended with other Estates, by having Buildings erected partly thereon, and partly on other adjoining Estates; by which Means the said Charity is liable to Encroachments, and in Danger of being lost.


That the said estates are ordered, by the Trustees, to be surveyed, marked out, and planned, to prevent future disputes, and that the same will be done on Monday next, the 15th instant; and all persons who have land or premises adjoining, are desired to attend, to see they are not encroached on by placing the said Marks.

John Hart,

Land, Timber, and Building Surveyors.


From the Kentish Gazette, 8 February 1848.


Groombridge - Morgan, Jan 30 at St. Peter's Street chapel, Canterbury, Mr. Thomas Groombridge, to Mrs. Mary Ann Morgan, landlady of the "Catherine Wheel," St. Dunstan’s.


From the Kentish Chronicle, 30 May, 1863.


Jeremiah Edwards was brought up on a warrant, charged with having, on the 14th February last, stolen a live tame rabbit, the property of Isaac Bedwell.

Prosecutor stated that on the 14th February he went into the “Catherine Wheel” for the purpose of raffling a rabbit, and he there met the prisoner, who agreed to take two chances. As they could not get enough members there, the prisoner proposed that they should go to the “Eight Bells,” kept by a man named James; but instead of doing so, they went into the “Unicorn,” where the prosecutor called for a pint of beer. He and the prisoner drank together, and the latter then suggested that he should take the basket containing the rabbit into the parlour, and see if he could find a sufficient number of members there. To this the prosecutor consented; but on his going into the room about ten minutes after, he discovered that the prisoner had left the house, taking with him the basket and rabbit.

George Ancle deposed that on the 15th February he bought a rabbit of a man at his door for 2s. The prosecutor had identified that rabbit as the one the prisoner took away from him at the “Unicorn,” and it had been returned to him on his paying witness 1s. Witness was unable to identify the prisoner as the man who sold the rabbit to him.

Superintendent Davies said he apprehended the prisoner at the Faversham lock-up on the previous afternoon, and asked him whether his name was “Jerry” Edwards. He said it was; and witness then asked him what he had done with the rabbit he stole. Prisoner stated that he knew nothing about any rabbit. Witness then asked whether he did not take a rabbit from the “Unicorn” public-house, and he said, “Yes; but that was given me.” He (the Superintendent) said, “Yes, and you sold it to a man named Ancle, in St. Mildred’s,” to which he replied, “I sold it to a man in St- Mildred’s; but I don’t know his name.” Witness then took him into custody on a charge of stealing the rabbit.

The prisoner, on being asked whether he would be tried by the Bench or sent to the sessions, replied, “Tried by you. Now you are at it you may as well finish it.”

The Mayor, in delivering the decision of the Bench, told the prisoner that the crime he was charged with committing was rather a serious one; for he had been drinking with the prosecutor, and, taking advantage of his friendship, walked off with his rabbit. To make the case worse, he appeared to treat the matter as a joke. The Bench committed him for three weeks’ hard labour.


From the Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald. 27 July 1867. Price 1d.

(Before W. Plummer, Esq., in the chair; Alderman Aris and J. Hemery, Esq.)


Eliza McGuire was charged with breaking two panes of glass, value 2a. 6d., in the “Catherine Wheel ” public house, on Saturday evening, the 20th inst.

Eliza Whiddett, landlady of the "Catherine Wheel,” St. Dunstan's, stated that defendant came to her house on Saturday evening, and purchased a pint of beer. When witness supplied her with the beer, defendant, who was drunk at the time, took up a pint pot, and threw it through the bar window, breaking two panes of glass.

The magistrates ordered defendant to pay 5s. costs, 2s. 6d. expenses, and 3s. 6d. fine; or, in default, to be imprisoned for fourteen days' hard labour in Maidstone gaol.


From the Kentish Chronicle, 30 April, 1864.


John Wright, pensioner, was sentenced to six weeks imprisonment with hard labour, for stealing a kit and a quantity of regimental necessaries, the property of Michael Ryan, a private in the East Kent Militia. The prosecutor and the prisoner were drinking together at the “Catherine Wheel” on Friday, and Ryan left his kit at that house till he went to the barracks. On returning he found that his kit had been taken away by the prisoner, who was traced to the “Roebuck” public house, and it was discovered that he had been dealing with the property.



LUCKETT Thomas to June/1772

BIGGLESON John D pre 1828 (also butcher)

BAX James 1824-28+ Pigot's Directory 1824Pigot's Directory 1828-29

SNELLING John 1832-40+ Pigot's Directory 1832-34Stapletons GuidePigot's Directory 1840

MORGAN Mary Ann 1847-48+ (Bagshaw's Directory 1847"Wheel")

THEOBALDS John 1858+ Melville's 1858

DAWES Isaac to July/1861

WHIDDATT/WIDDET William July/1861-91+ Post Office Directory 1862Post Office Directory 1874CensusPost Office Directory 1882Post Office Directory 1891

STEGGLES Walter 1901-03+ (age 30 in 1901Census) Post Office Directory 1903

MARWICK Stephen Next pub licensee had before Dec/1909

COOMBS W 1913+ Post Office Directory 1913

PITHER W 1917-18+


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