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1 Church Street




According to the notes attached to the "Poem of Canterbury" document, the pub changed name to the "Gallant Hussar" in 1874.


From the Kentish Gazette, 5 December 1843.

Awful Instance of Suddan Death.

Mr. John Carter, landlord of the "Roebuck," Church-street, North-gate, was seized with delirium tremens on Saturday last, and expired early on Sunday morning. The deceased was walking in the streets apparently in a good state of health on Friday.


From the Kentish Gazette, 12 September 1848.


Thursday being the annual licensing day of victuallers, in Canterbury, the magistrates were occupied some time in making the necessary preparations, and they granted licenses to a hundred and twenty-seven persons; four others being absent, will have theirs at a future sitting. The licenses taken from W. Cullen, "Queen’s Arms"; W. Hunt, "Three Grenadiers," Military-road; George Roberts, "Queen's Head," Northgate; and R. Walpole, "Roebuck," Northgate were restored; and the application made by J. B. Allen for a license of the "Golden Cross," Northgate was granted.


From the Kentish Chronicle and General Advertiser, 7 September, 1861. Price 1 1/2d.


Sarah Scott, a widow, was charged with breaking a window, value 1s. 6d , at the “Roebuck” public house.

Mrs Payden the landlady, said that the prisoner went to her house yesterday afternoon about three o'clock. She was drunk, and used abusive language and when required to leave, she broke the window.

She was ordered to pay 1s. 6d for the window, and 6d. costs; and committed to prison for seven days in default.


From the Kentish Chronicle, 9 January, 1864.

James Clark and John Brennon, were charged with stealing 2 and a purse, value 3d., the property of Charles Wilkinson, on the 3rd November, 1863.

Prosecutor was at the “Roebuck” public house, on the night of the 4th November. About three o’clock in the morning of the 5th of November, he went into the yard followed by two soldiers. Clarke put his hand into Wilkinson’s pocket, and took out a purse, which he gave to Brennan, and then helped him over the yard wall.

The jury found both prisoners guilty, and they were sentenced to six months’ hard labour.

The Recorder would not allow Wilkinson expenses.


From the Kentish Chronicle, 20 February, 1864.


Mrs. Payton, wife of the landlord of the “Roebuck” public house, Northgate, was charged with using abusive language to a policeman.

The officer stated that he had occasion to go into the “Roebuck,” on Thursday, to apprehend & prisoner. Mrs. Payton advised the man to resist, and made use of language to the policeman which is unfit lo repeat.

Mr. Plummer said the language was very improper, and from the appearance of the woman he thought she ought to have known better.

Mrs. Payton said she did not use the language.

Mr. Aris said the defendant’s husband had been fined because she refused to admit a policeman into the house.

Mr. Wooton:- And there was a case at the last Quarter Sessions of a robbery committed in the house.

The Mayor said that as there did not appear to have been any real obstruction offered to the policeman they would dismiss the case, but Mrs. Payton might depend upon it that unless the house was better conducted her husband would lose his license.


From the Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald. 19 October 1867. Price 1d.


Henry Jones and Sarah Smith were charged with stealing a coat, value 15s. the property of William Taylor, landlord of the "Roe Buck."

The prosecutor deposed that on Friday, the 11th October, he had occasion to put on his pilot jacket. When he returned he placed the jacket in the bar, and he believed it was there when he went to bed. On the following (Saturday) morning he looked for the coat, but could not find it. He then gave information of his lose to the police, and saw the coat the same night in Mr. Green's pawnshop. The coat was worth 15s.

P. S. Hayward proved apprehended the two prisoners in the Cattle Market on Saturday evening; and finding the complainant's coat at Mr. Green's, where it had been pawned by the female prisoner, at the request of the male prisoner. Sarah Smith was then discharged, the prisoner Henry Jones being committed to take his trial at the Quarter Sessions.


From the Whitstable Times, 8 October, 1870.

Stephen Dickenson, who a few days ago deluded the magistrates into the belief that he was deserving of assistance from the poor box, was charged with stealing a bottle containing a half a pint of cloves, from the “Roebuck” public-house, Northgate Street.

Julia Taylor, the landlord’s daughter, deposed to supplying prisoner with some beer on Wednesday and to missing the bottle produced, which she valued at 2s. While prisoner was in the bar, she left a minute or two, and on returning the man was gone and the bottle had disappeared.

Mary Ann Haggar, whose husband keeps the “Crown and Anchor,” King Street, said prisoner left the bottle there on Wednesday. She advanced no money upon it.

Inspector Else said he apprehended the prisoner, and heard him ask Mrs. Taylor to forgive him.

The accused, who is evidently an old hand, made a very pathetic appeal to the Bench, expressing himself as being truly sorry for allowing drink to get the best of him.

He was sentenced to two weeks' hard labour.


Canterbury Journal, Kentish Times and Farmers' Gazette, Saturday 16 September 1871.

Annual Licensing Meeting.

The Superintendent of Police reported to the Magistrates the following houses where prostitutes were kept, viz., the "Roebuck," "True Briton," "Lord Clyde," "Princess Royal," "Crown and Anchor," "Brewers' Delight," "Clarence Inn," and "Kentish Arms," and on the applicants applying they were each cautioned in severe terms by the Mayor, and on their promising to behave better in future the licences were renewed. The business was transacted rapidly. The adjourned sessions are fixed for the 21st instant.



CARTER John 1838-Nov/43 dec'd Stapletons Guide

SOLLY Robert 1861+ (age 29 in 1861Census)

PAYTON Mr 1861-64+

TAYLOR William 1867-70+ Whitstable Times


Stapletons GuideStapleton's Guide 1838

Whitstable TimesWhitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald



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