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Earliest 1850-

Golden Cross

Latest 1859+



From the Kentish Gazette, 12 September 1848.


Thursday being the annual licensing day of victuallers, in Canterbury, the magistrates were occupied some time in making the necessary preparations, and they granted licenses to a hundred and twenty-seven persons; four others being absent, will have theirs at a future sitting. The licenses taken from W. Cullen, "Queen’s Arms"; W. Hunt, "Three Grenadiers," Military-road; George Roberts, "Queen's Head," Northgate; and R. Walpole, "Roebuck," Northgate were restored; and the application made by J. B. Allen for a license of the "Golden Cross," Northgate was granted.


Kentish Gazette, 10 September 1850.

On the annual licensing day (Thursday last) our city magistrates suspended the following licenses:-

"Military Tavern," King Street;

"Eight Bells," King Street;

"Duke of York," Riding Gate;

"Kentish Arms," Jewry Lane;

"Eagle," Whitehorse Lane;

"Golden Cross," Northgate;

"Queen's Head," Northgate;

"City of London," Tower Street;

"Duke's Head," Wincheap;

"True Briton," Northgate;

"Royal George," Northgate;

"Queen's Arms," Northgate; and

"Three Grenadiers," Military Road.


Kentish Gazette, 23 September 1851.


This was an adjourned day for granting licences, there being on the bench the Mayor, Aldermen Cooper, Brent, and Plummer, and Mr. Sprakeling. The following licences, which had been deferred for consideration, were altogether refused:— The "Golden Cross," (M'Cowan).


From a report to the Mayor and Magistrates in Guildhall on 17th April 1859.

"Sergeant Ells reports that he found the following number of Prostitutes at the following public houses and beer-shops yesterday morning:

"Golden Cross," Northgate, 4.


From the Kentish Chronicle, 10 December 1859.

Mrs. Roberts and Mrs. Berry, of the "Golden Cross," Northgate Street, were charged by Mrs. Reid, with having, on the evening of Tuesday, the 22nd ult. robbing her of a bag containing 14 in gold and 8s. in silver.

It appeared by the evidence of the first witness, who was a servant in the employ of Mrs. Roberts, that Mrs. Reed owed her sister-in-law 2s., in order to pay her, she obtained the assistance of a person, (one witness said Mrs. Berry, another said Mrs. Reid's niece) to take from her stays in the bag in which she usually kept her money, after she had taken from it 2s., she returned the bag into a pocket under her dress, but according to the statement of another witness, she held it in her hand, while she danced with one of the company in the room, she was apparently intoxicated at the time.

Mrs. Reid left the house at ten o'clock, when she arrived home she discovered that her money was gone, she immediately went back but the house was closed.

She went the next morning and found Mr. Roberts at the bar, she told him that she believed that she had lost her money stating at the same time that she believed that she had put it away somewhere and her brother saw where it was. There was a great prevarication in the statements of the witnesses and after an examination of nearly four hours, the magistrates dismissed the case.



M'COWEN/McKEOWN Sam 1851+ (age 31 in 1851Census)

ROBERTS Mr 1859+




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