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PUB LIST PUBLIC HOUSES Paul Skelton & Rory Kehoe

Earliest 1847-

Military Tavern

Latest 1903+

23 King Street



Military Tavern 1898

Above photo circa 1898, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Military Tavern 1920

Above photo, circa 1920, kindly supplied by Rory Kehoe, via Canterbury Collection.

Canterbury map 1874

Above 1874 map identification by Rory Kehoe.

Military Tavern locatuion

Above photo and location identification by Rory Kehoe, 2017.


Situated on the corner of Knotts Lane.

Originally owned by Edward Cook who was a chimney sweep and coal merchant and dealer in 1838, so he not only sold the coal, but swept the chimneys after application. A Robert Hayes is also listed as chimney weep at the same address but date unknown.

This was classed as a common lodging house when licensee George Barranger was there at the start of the 20th century.

The Historic Canterbury web site also mentions a Thomas Wellard as victualler, but no date given and also Richard Bradford in 1917, but alas doesn't give the occupation. I am assuming he was also the licensee.


Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald 14 February 1903.



I have given notice of objection to the following houses:-

"Military Tavern," King Street.— That the house is used as a common lodging house; that the sanitary arrangements are inadequate and unsatisfactory; that the back door opens into a common yard; that the premises are not properly adapted for police supervision; and that the licence is not required to meet the wants of the neighbourhood.


Superintendent Farmery objected to the renewal on the ground that the house was a common lodging-house for men. There was accommodation for 23, and bad characters, he alleged, often lodged there. It was unfit for human habitation, and the water was not laid on. The sanitary arrangements were unsatisfactory, and the house could not be properly supervised by the police as a back door opened to a common yard.

Mr. H. Knocker (Messrs. Knocker, Knocker, and Holcroft, Sevenoaks) applied for the renewal of the license on behalf of the brewers, Messrs. Bushell and Co.

The Surveyor gave evidence as to the condition of the house, which, he said, in case of fire, would be "a perfect death trap." The upper room had no ventilation at all, the windows being fast.

Mr. Knocker said the owners had spent considerable sums on the house in the eight years it had been their property.

The Chairman said that nothing could be more damnatory than the Surveyors report.

Mr. Knocker addressed the Bench. Messrs. Bushel, he said, had eleven houses in Canterbury, and it was somewhat hard that absentee brewers should have so many of their houses objected to when other brewers had only three or four houses objected to.

The Chairman said that was a statement that should not have been made. The Bench were quite blind as to the ownership of the houses.

Mr. Knocker withdrew the remark unreservedly, and urged the Bench not to withdraw the licence at these sessions. He was appearing for the tenants as well as for the brewers.

The Sessions were then adjourned until February 25th.



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WOOD John 1889-91+ Historic Canterbury web sitePost Office Directory 1891

WELLARD Thomas 1891+ (age 41 in 1891Census) Historic Canterbury web site

WRIGHT Amos Solomon 1900+ (Or "Military Tavern")

Last pub licensee had BARRANGER George C 1903-04 dec'd Post Office Directory 1903

BRADFORD Richard 1917 Historic Canterbury web site


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